BREAKING NEWS! State Republican Chairman West resigns, to run for Governor

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West, who resigned this morning, on Friday, June 4, 2021.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, June 4 – Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West resigned this morning, Friday, June 4, 2021, and will seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Texas, according to sources close to West who have asked for anonymity. West served as State Republican Chairman for less than a year and, unfortunately, knocked James Dickey out of the position.

Dickey was an outstanding “grassroots” leader who successfully raised more money for the Republican Party than any State Chairman in the history of the Party. Many State Republican Delegates had opposed West’s election as State Chairman in place of Dickey, because they viewed West’s interest in the position as a mere stepping stone to another public office.

West, has submitted his irrevocable resignation to the Officials Committee meeting as of 8 a.m. today. He will remain at the helm of the Texas GOP until a new Chairman can be selected on July 11.

West expressed his gratitude and stated that “it has been my distinct honor to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. I pray Godspeed for this governing body.” Unlike Dickey, West did not actively participate in the Texas Legislative Session. Dickey testified on numerous bills and attended the State Capitol almost every day of the 86th Legislature. West rarely went to the State Capitol during the 87th Texas Legislature, which just concluded.

The State Republican Executive Committee will appoint West’s successor.




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