BREAKING NEWS! Special Guest Investigative Reporter Kelli Cook breaks through truth that City of Magnolia has shut down red light cameras!

Rancher, political activist, and now ace investigative reporter Kelli Cook gets to the truth!
By Kelli Cook, Special Guest Reporter to The Golden Hammer
I am pleased to report Magnolia City Officials have admitted that they  have shut down their unconstitutional red light camera program.
They are not informing people that unpaid tickets are NOT enforceable, so I will take this opportunity to let people know. If you receive a red light SCAMera ticket in the mail, it is nothing more than a request for revenue that can be trashed with no consequence.
Currently there are about 3 cities left in Texas that are still trying to convince people to send them money for alleged red light running.
They are Humble, Balcones Heights and Leon Valley.  The good news is there is absolutely no enforcement, thanks to the Cole Hefner amendment in the recently passed camera ban bill, which Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law.
Red light cameras are finally a thing of the past in Montgomery County.  Another victory for the grassroots and all Texans that value due process rights!
Magnolia Police Department Tweet, June 6, 2019.



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