BREAKING NEWS: Shoe bomb explosion at Porter’s Palace Inn

Porter’s Palace Inn.

Porter, February 20 – Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputies rushed to the Palace Inn, 24085, Interstate Highway 59, in Porter, after an explosion occurred in the parking lot. A white male suspect approached an individual in the parking lot and asked him whether he wanted to see something cool. The suspect ignited a fuse on a shoe and set the shoe down on the parking lot. The shoe exploded momentarily and caused a loud concussion and debris to fly across the parking lot. Several children and adults were at the location when the explosion occurred. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The suspect got into his blue 2004 Lexus SUV bearing Texas License Plate GH42LC and fled.

The Sheriff’s Department and the County Fire Marshal’s Office are investigating the motive for the incident as well as the content of the shoe in the explosion. The Sheriff’s Department has said that the object in the shoe was probably not a pipe bomb but was rather a firework or some other type of concussion device. The investigation is ongoing.




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