BREAKING NEWS! Sheriff appoints two Captains



Late Wednesday, April 24, 2018, Sheriff Henderson decided upon two major appointments as part of the shakeup in his office. First, Captain Allison Allen, who has been the head of the Woodlands Patrol Division, will move to become Captain of the Executive Division of the Sheriff’s Office which includes administration, internal affairs, media communications, warrants, the training academy, and other functions.

Allen holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Corrections from Sam Houston State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law.  She holds Master Peace Officer and Instructor Proficiency Certifications, among others. Allen spent 10 years practicing law in Houston and is a licensed attorney. She has been in law enforcement since 1995 when she began working as a civilian detention officer, attended the Law Enforcement Academy, and began working as a patrol Deputy in The Woodlands. Allen moved to the ranks until Henderson appointed her as a Captain in early 2017.

Replacing Allen as Captain over The Woodlands Division of the Sheriff’s Office, the largest Division in personnel, will be current Lieutenant Tim Holifield who is currently working in the Magnolia area as part of the Patrol West Division. Holifield is revered in The Woodlands for his lengthy service as the elected and many times re-elected Precinct 3 Constable until Holifield retired from the position in 2012.

Holifield has strong ties to the real estate and homebuilding community which strongly supported his election as Constable. He also has excellent relationships with the animal loving community as a result of his outstanding service as the director of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Holifield has worked behind-the-scenes for the positive changes that occurred at the Animal Shelter with the hiring of former Shelter Director Charles Jackson.

Holifield is a first-class law enforcement officer. His appointment as Captain received strong support from patrol officers who have known Holifield for the more than two decades of his outstanding law enforcement career. Holifield worked as a detective and a member of the auto theft task force before his election to Constable.

Publisher’s Note: This newspaper mistakenly reported that Carol Thompson had resigned as Director of Finance. We retract that portion of this story and apologize to Ms. Thompson and the Sheriff’s Office for our mistake.




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