BREAKING NEWS: Sergeant Sample ID’d as officer who did Captain Coward’s certification course, exam

Breaking News!

Conroe, April 22 – The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has confirmed from multiple sources within the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that Sergeant Carrie Sample is the individual who received an order from former Captain and Jail Administrator Oliver Coward to take his continuing education training and certification program and did so. This newspaper confirmed the identity of Sergeant Sample early Saturday evening, provided her identity to appropriate law enforcement officials, and held this story back to permit them to take official action first.

Captain Coward resigned from the Sheriff’s Office on Friday, April 20, 2018, after a patrolman’s letter to The Golden Hammer, the Montgomery County District Attorney, and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (“TCOLE”) in Austin noted among other allegations:

“Ok, moving on to the Captains behaving badly…A Sergeant has bragged about taking the Jail Captain’s TCOLE classes for him and getting his certifications for him. Could this be true? Not sure why someone would brag about this. If it’s not true, then that sergeant lied. Perhaps a polygraph would clear the air. Liar or cheat, which one? I’m sure I am held to a higher standard. Cheat and criminal is very low standard and sadly, that is the standard for these supervisors. This ruse could easily be detected by checking the computers in the transport office. it would be nice if no one wiped or replaced them before the DA can check them. And yes, a copy of this is going to the DA and TCOLE.”

Texas Administrative Code Section 218.3 provides:

“Individuals appointed as peace officers shall complete at least 40 hours of continuing education training and must complete a training and education program that covers recent changes to the laws of this state and of the United States pertaining to peace officers every 24-month unit of a training cycle.”

TCOLE is the State of Texas agency which administers law enforcement certification programs. A criminal investigation in the Internal Affairs Division (“IAD”) of the Sheriff’s Office began on Friday morning with respect to the Coward matter. Henderson accepted Coward’s resignation.

Sample, a transport Sergeant who works in the Jail and reported to Coward, has not been suspended. It is unclear whether IAD knew her identity before this newspaper identified her to law enforcement authorities. Sheriff Henderson told this newspaper this afternoon that he has not suspended Sample as of press time.

Coward was the fourth Captain on Sheriff Henderson’s “leadership team” to leave the department since the beginning of March.

Publisher’s Note: As a community, the citizens of Montgomery County should thank the courageous and fair-minded women and men of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and others who provided information for this series of stories. The letter-writer has made a profound positive impact on his community, and to him we should all give thanks and appreciation. Sergeant Sample deserves a fair investigation, fair notice, and a fair hearing rather than some sort of un-American lynch mob.

Most importantly, this newspaper, which serves the governed rather than the governors, pays tribute to the peace officers who protect us every day. As a community, Montgomery County should greatly appreciate the pro-community, pro-citizen attitudes, which those women and men who fight for our public safety and peaceable enjoyment of life, very clearly possess. They swore to preserve, protect, defend and uphold the Constitution. It’s very clear the vast majority of them took their oaths quite seriously.



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