BREAKING NEWS! Senator Creighton slams CDC for misleading COVID-19 death statistics

State Senator Brandon Creighton.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, September 1 – State Senator Brandon Creighton slammed the United States Centers for Disease Control this morning for misleading the American public for many months into believing that the Chinese Coronavirus was the cause of death for over one hundred thousand people when, in fact, it was merely a comorbidity factor, meaning other causes of death were involved.

Senator Creighton issued the following statement at approximately 7 a.m. on Tuesday, September 1, 2020:

“The CDC published a report that finally clarifies what it has been telling us for months. Now, the CDC is saying that out of all the deaths reported as due to coronavirus, ONLY 1 in 16 were actually due solely to coronavirus. All the others were due to other health factors that led to the patients not surviving their infection.
“This is the same thing many of us have been saying for months. Now the media outlets are discussing the merits of “herd immunity”, which again, is the same thing many of us have been talking about for months.
“The bottom line is that at some point, everyone is going to have Covid-19, and for most, this infection will be either asymptomatic or will result in almost 100% recovery.”
The CDC released data, good through August 26, 2020, which shows 164,820 deaths related to COVID-19. Of those deaths, however, only 6% revealed Chinese Coronavirus as the only cause of death. Another form of flu or other respiratory disease was the cause of death in more than half of the cases.
In other words, the reaction, especially by local government officials, to Chinese Coronavirus has been little more than a panic. For example, in Montgomery County, Texas, the County Judge read a report, which predicted more than 1,000 people would die from the disease by April 21, 2020, and that there would be between 100,000 to 300,000 cases of the disease in the county alone by that date. In his panicked response, he shut businesses down, threw people out of their livelihoods, orders the closure of churches (in violation of the First Amendment and the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights), and completely disrupted the lives of families and businesses. Restaurants, bars, hair salons, tanning salons, and many other businesses have closed forever as a result. Anguished parents have had trouble putting food on the table, paying their rent or mortgages, and meeting other obligations.
When will the Montgomery County Judge, the Governor, local officials, and state officials apologize to all Texans for their terrible handling of this situation?



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