BREAKING NEWS! Republican State Representative nominee Hull calls for Harris County GOP Chairman-Elect to resign in cryptic press release, renowned conservative activist Bouche agrees


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

State Representative Republican Nominee Hull’s cryptic June 4, 2020, Press Release.

Houston, June 5 – Popular State Representative Republican Nominee Lacey Hull, the GOP candidate for State Representative, District 138 in the Spring Branch area of Harris County, released a brief, yet cryptic, press release which seems to call for Harris County GOP Chairman-Elect Kevin Nielsen to resign and for the Republican County Executive Committee to select someone else to replace him. Hull, who is the Republican candidate running to replace retiring State Representative Duane Bohac, issued the Press Release on June 4, 2020, and didn’t explain what was the offensive post, which prompted her position.

Lacey Hull, the Republican Nominee for House District 138, to replace the retiring Bohac.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper with a large statewide following, has chosen not to re-publish the offensive post. A statement appearing on social media from highly-respected Kingwood Tea Party Co-Founder James Lennon, however provides an explanation. Lennon said, “I rack my brain for some possible reason to have a banana with the Martin Luther King quote, except for the obvious racial insult. Some parody, some ironic twist. Keep ending up with the lowest, meanest, intentional insult to our friends.”

Nevertheless, Hull’s seeming call for Nielsen’s resignation, after Harris County voters elected him County Chairman-Elect in the March 3 Republican Primary Election, has drawn the ire of some conservative political activists. “Doc” Greene, a renowned conservative talk show host as well as world class musician, criticized Hull’s statement with this comment of his own: “Lacey Hull, Please learn to think for yourself! Be a leader not a follower. I’m so disappointed in how quickly you joined the enemy.” Greene added, “I have great Confidence in our New County Chair but you 🐑 sheeple scare the…[expletive] out me! You are worse than useless, you are poisonous.”

Hull’s statement drew praise from many Republican activists as well as many independent voters. Renowned conservative Republican activist Jon Bouche, of Montgomery County, agreed with Hull in a post on social media this morning: “This morning I saw the meme posted by the newly elected Republican Party Chair for Harris County Mr. Keith Neilsen which pictured a quote from MLK next to a banana. I can think of no logical explanation for this and while I know people who will vouch that Mr. Nielsen is not a racist, I just don’t see how they can come to any other conclusion than that meme was racist.”

So whether this abhorrent display was intentionally racist or just really poor judgement seems irrelevant at this point because the damage is done. Mr. Nielsen should resign.

Hull will face a Democrat in the November 3 General Election, although two Democrats face each other in the July 14 Democrat Runoff Election for the chance.




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