BREAKING NEWS! Representative Toth Condemns Texas Lottery Commission for Targeting Low Income Dollar General Customers

State Representative Steve Toth. 

Austin, November 22 – Friday, Representative Steve Toth (R-Conroe) denounced the Texas Lottery Commissions’ plans to offer lottery products in the checkout lines of fifteen hundred Dollar General stores across the state. At the Commission’s most recent public meeting, Executive Director Gary Grief confirmed plans to go live with their in-line sales initiative at the discount retailer’s Texas locations.

“Targeting the poor is shameful,” said Rep. Toth. “The lottery was sold to Texans as the answer to funding Public Education but like most of the hundreds of dedicated funds three quarters of the funds go directly towards general revenue spending. Is the Commission pushing to sell lottery tickets in Macy’s or Nordstrom? No, Dollar General. They are strategically marketing to the poor to obtain additional impulse purchases. You will never see a Dollar and a Dream advertised in a publication read by the middle or upper middle class, such as Forbes or the Wall Street Journal. Statistically, people with higher education and income are far less likely to buy tickets. They know they have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than winning the lottery. The Lottery Commission deliberately waited until the Legislature was out of session to make this deal because they knew we would fight them tooth and nail.”

Steve Toth serves on the powerful House Appropriations Committee and is one of the strongest voices fighting for less government spending. He also serves on the Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee, as well as multiple subcommittees.

Representative Toth is consistently ranked as one of the most conservative Republican legislators in the Capitol. Toth resides in Montgomery County with his wife Babette. He is a Realtor, small business owner, father of three, grandfather of two, an ordained minister and served as chairman of the board for Mighty Oaks.



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