BREAKING NEWS: Precinct 2 Commissioner candidate Dawson challenges “pass through dollars” as an excuse for County government spending increases

Local businessman and Republican leader Brian Dawson, who is running for Precinct 2 County Commissioner in the March, 2018, Republican Primary Election.
Conroe, July 27 – Republican candidate for Precinct 2 County Commissioner Brian Dawson stood up for the taxpayers and denounced the claim of some County leaders that “pass through” expenditure dollars should not count towards the calculation of government spending growth. “Pass through” dollars usually are expenditure items, such $15.8 million for operating the Joe Corley Detention Center, for which the County government receives funds of approximately the same amount for operating that program. In the case of the Corley Center, the federal government pays Montgomery County approximately $15.8 million per year.
County Judge Craig Doyal has attempted to make the argument that Montgomery County’s government has not grown as fast as one might think, because there are substantial “pass through” dollars in the County expenditure budget which, he believes, in fairness should not count towards the massive spending increases which he has led.
Dawson told The Golden Hammer, “During budget hearings this week, the notion that pass through dollars reflected in the county budget are not spending has been perpetuated. While these expenditures are not funded through county tax revenue, they are nonetheless spending within the county budget.”
Dawson added:
“The sources of revenue to cover these [pass through] expenses may be other taxing entities. Either way, the taxpayers are funding these expenditures. Without these expenses, especially within law enforcement, county services would be significantly diminished.
“Spending is spending, regardless of the source of the dollars. Suggesting these expenditures are not spending is misleading taxpayers on what is required to maintain consistent levels of service.”
Dawson is right on the mark in these comments. Hopefully, Doyal and others will pay attention to him.
Dawson has sat through the entire Budget Workshop of the Commissioners Court. His contribution, without saying anything, has been far more significant than incumbent Charliey Riley, the Precinct 2 County Commissioner, who is little more than furniture – and a reliable vote for spending increases – on the Commissioners Court.



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