BREAKING NEWS: Noack hires Courier blog editor Dubois as his operations manager to replace Beasley

Courier blog Executive Editor Andy Dubois will go to work for Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack as his Operations Manager.


The Woodlands, May 9 – In what may appear to be a political move following the footsteps of Craig Doyal, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack hired Courier blog editor Andy Dubois to be his Operations Manager to succeed the extremely popular and accomplished Matthew Beasley. Beasley is the Republican nominee for Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace, although he does face a democrat in the November General Election. Beasley will likely win the Justice of the Peace position in the heavily-Republican Precinct 3.

Dubois has no experience in road and bridge operations. He is currently the Executive Editor for Montgomery County newspapers in the Hearst Newspaper chain, which purchased the publications from Houston Community Newspapers. Previously, Dubois served as Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and City Editor for the publication which was previously known as The Conroe Courier.

Dubois, who lives in Commissioners Precinct 2 in the Village of Alden Bridge, is a good friend of Noack’s and has developed a strong working relationship with the ambitious County Commissioner over the past six years.

Noack said there are many aspects of Dubois’ background that make him appealing as an operations manager in the Precinct 3 office. “I’m going to change some of the duties and responsibilities in the office,” Noack added. “Andy won’t be doing what Matt does. He has a very good way of dealing with the public and people. He’s extremely well-versed in mobility and transportation issues especially in Precinct 3. He is very highly respected in the community. I think we’ll be better able to serve the public with Andy on our team.”

Noack explained that Evan Besong will become Noack’s Chief of Staff under the new organization of his department.

Dubois will focus on the administrative side of the office to “oversee administrative functions and work on some project management. He’ll also attend the same classes Matt Beasley attended to become certified as a project manager.” The Commissioner further explained, “Andy will work on external communications for the office. He’ll be the liaison for the Township and on flood mitigation projects.”

Lame duck Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal hired jim fredricks as Doyal’s “chief of staff” to run the entire Montgomery County government. The “chief of staff” had had no experience running a government operation and clearly revealed his inability to do so during the past four years. In fact, fredricks is rarely in the office, as he has an aggressive napping schedule many afternoons. Doyal’s and fredricks’ management of the Montgomery County government has been disastrous.

Doyal also hired Courier reporter Kimberly Sutton to work in his office under the supervision of fredricks in late 2017.

Apparently, a new formula has arisen for elected servants to use taxpayer resources to hire individuals to promote their political career. Clearly, Doyal did that. JP James Metts did that with his hire of Jamie Nash as a public relations person on the taxpayers’ dole. No other County Commissioner, however, has any employee whose primary function appears to be public relations.

Noack actually has a fine record of project management and service as a road and bridge Commissioner. Beasley has impeccable integrity and credentials and has worked closely with Noack to provide extremely efficient service to the citizens of Precinct 3.

The Golden Hammer has confirmed that Dubois will start work on Monday, May 14, 2018, as an Operator III earning approximately $43,000 per year in salary plus benefits. Noack explained that he intends to create a new position during the budget process that will provide Dubois higher compensation.

Noack said, “Andy will start out back working for Troy Gibson in operations and learn about the drainage aspects and then be out in the field with him. He’ll go with Matt Beasley to TxDOT meetings and meet with the HGAC [Houston Galveston Area Council]. During the budget process, we’ll create a position where he’ll shadow Matt more closely.”

“I looked at a lot of different people for the operations manager position. I know he’s an interesting choice by some standards,” said Noack. “I’m not worried about it, if it looks political. I hope the community will welcome Andy Dubois and reserve judgment until they see how good a job he does.”

Steve Toth, the Republican nominee for State Representative, District 15, said, “I’m pretty sure that Dubois will do a good job in this position.”

Dubois, 48, told The Golden Hammer, “I’m fortunate to start a new career. I’m ready for a change.” Dubois said that he’s “capable of managing projects, people, and budgeting, especially from my experience as Executive Editor at HCN where I oversaw 24 newspapers, 50 employees, and seven offices.”

Dubois grew up in San Antonio where his parents still live. Dubois is a 1993 journalism graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He worked in Brownsville for 6 years as a sports writer and then news editor at a local newspaper. He moved to Montgomery County in 1999 to work for the Courier.

Dubois and his wife Kirsten have been married for approximately one year. His first wife passed away from cancer. He has two children and two stepchildren.

Dubois says that he is a fiscal and social conservative. “I’ve never voted in a democratic primary. My editorials have always been very conservative,” Dubois said.





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