BREAKING NEWS: Montgomery County website down all day until 4:13 p.m.!

Local political boss Marc Davenport (left) and County Judge Craig Doyal (right, with arm around Davenport).


Conroe, October 10 – The terribly dysfunctional Montgomery County government’s website has been broken all day long but finally came back on line at 4:13 p.m., CST! The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has confirmed that the Information Technology Department had contacted the web hosting service to let them know that computer system is malfunctioning. The IT employees were at the mercy of an outside vendor out of their control.

Your multi-million dollar Information Technology Department – with over 36 employees – was unable to get the County’s system back into functioning order. There was no anticipated date and time that the County website would enjoy restoration, but the system returned at 4:13 p.m. There was some minimal direct access to some County Departments but none through the County’s high dollar website.

Readers may recall that the entire website and Information Technology functions of the County government have fallen under the direct management and control of County Judge Craig and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks. Of course, both of them receive direction and ultimate vetoes from local political boss Marc Davenport.

Alfred E. Neuman.




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