BREAKING NEWS: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office #3, Captain Carlisle, resigns, pleads guilty to Disorderly Conduct

Sheriff’s Captain Bryan Carlisle.


Conroe, April 18 – Captain Bryan Carlisle, who headed the Executive Division in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and was the third highest ranking officer in that department, resigned today and announced his retirement from law enforcement. Carlisle agreed to plead guilty to a Class C misdemeanor of Disorderly Conduct and agreed to leave law enforcement as part of a plea arrangement.

Last October, 2017, Carlisle’s wife made a 9-1-1 call to the Conroe Police Department who came to the scene of their home in the City of Conroe. A male and a female police officer attended the scene since family violence was the basis of the call. Conroe Chief of Police Philip Dupuis arrived at the scene a few minutes later after they determined that Carlisle was involved in the incident. At the request of the Sheriff’s Office, Dupuis asked the Conroe Police Officers not to file any sort of written report, as The Golden Hammer previously reported and confirmed from several sources inside the Conroe Police Department and in the Sheriff’s Office, who requested anonymity for fear of their job security.

The following week, the female police officer filed an internal affairs complaint against Dupuis which impacted the Chief’s decision to retire from the Police Department on February 9, 2018.

On March 22, 2018, Sheriff Rand Henderson suspended Carlisle during the pendency of an internal affairs investigation, which the Texas Rangers conducted of the incident. A Sheriff’s Office patrolman’s letter, which this newspaper published on March 11, 2018, included references to Carlisle without naming him. The anonymous letter-writer, who is a Sheriff’s Deputy in good standing, wrote about Captain Carlisle:

“‘P’ for Professionalism – Does a professional police administrator (captain) have domestic disturbances at his home with his wife? And is it professional that knowing that this was the case, that our current administration would allow this individual to continue acting in his role as executive captain, when the entire community knows this about him? Is it professional that our administration should allow a Chief of Police within Montgomery County to tell the responding officer not to document the incident in hopes that it should never become public information…that way when it does become public information, that Chief of Police should tender his resignation from his command? Would this same decision be made, professionally, at any family violence call between two citizens of Montgomery County in any fashion at any time, as if it were normal business? Or would our patrol staff be held accountable for ensuring that in accordance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, that this be handled in a certain way? Doubtful.”

When Sheriff Henderson suspended Carlisle, as well as Captain Kevin Ray, on March 22, the Sheriff explained, “I suspended Captain Kevin Ray and Captain Bryan Carlisle in accordance with policy and procedure pending an internal investigation into alleged employee misconduct. They are entitled to a fair investigation and I have asked for assistance from Public Integrity [an investigatory and enforcement unit in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office].” Sheriff Henderson further explained, “We’re not investigating these matters, because they are too high level. We’ll provide information, but I believe outside investigation resources should look at these situations.”

Today, Sheriff Henderson issued the following statement to the employees of the Sheriff’s Office:


I just received a resignation letter from Captain Carlisle stating he is retiring from law enforcement. Per DA Ligon’s office, Carlisle has agreed to a Class C misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct and agreed to leave law enforcement. This investigation has been a trying time on the agency and especially those who worked closely with Bryan. I wish him and his family the best in his future endeavors and during this season of his life.”




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