Breaking News! Montgomery County Sheriff Henderson suspends two prominent captains

Breaking News! Montgomery County Sheriff Henderson suspends two prominent captains

Image: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Captain Kevin Ray, who oversaw the East Montgomery County Patrol Division. Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson suspended Ray along with Captain Bryan Carlisle, the third highest officer in the Sheriff’s Office as Captain over the Executive Division. The suspensions occurred in the afternoon of March 22, 2018.


Conroe, March 22 – Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson suspended two prominent members of his Command Staff late today. Sheriff Henderson suspended the third highest officer in the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Bryan Carlisle, who is over the Executive Division which includes the internal affairs division within it. Henderson also suspended Captain Kevin Ray, popularly known as “KRay,” who commands the East Patrol Division.

Sheriff Henderson told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive statement, “I suspended Captain Kevin Ray and Captain Bryan Carlisle in accordance with policy and procedure pending an internal investigation into alleged employee misconduct. They are entitled to a fair investigation and I have asked for assistance from Public Integrity [an investigatory and enforcement unit in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office].” Sheriff Henderson further explained, “We’re not investigating these matters, because they are too high level. We’ll provide information, but I believe outside investigation resources should look at these situations.”

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, broke the stories about Captain Carlisle and Captain Ray in the story entitled, “With Rough Start To His Administration, Montgomery County Sheriff Henderson Requests – And Receives In A Major Response – Controversial Input,” The Golden Hammer, March 11, 2018. That article included an extraordinarily well written letter from a group of patrolmen who complained anonymously about several major problems they contend are occurring in the Sheriff’s Office. Two of the issues they raised in the letter involved Captain Carlisle and Captain Ray.

In recent days, this newspaper has learned that Captain Ray confronted one peace officer in the Sheriff’s Office whom Ray believed was one of major writers, if not the sole original writer, of the letter. That peace officer then contacted other law enforcement officials to complain about what he claims was harassment by Ray for bringing major issues, including potential criminal law violations, to law enforcement authorities. The Texas Whistleblower Act protects employees who bring potential law violations to authorities from adverse employment actions. This newspaper will continue to protect the anonymity of the one particular officer who works under Ray’s command as well as others who have contacted us to provide information about the inner workings of the Sheriff’s Office.

A high-level County law enforcement official, who also requested anonymity, confirmed that the peace officer brought his complaints to that official’s office earlier this week.

In the patrolmen’s letter, two major allegations involved Captains Carlisle and Ray.

The anonymous letter-writer wrote about Captain Carlisle:

“‘P’ for Professionalism – Does a professional police administrator (captain) have domestic disturbances at his home with his wife? And is it professional that knowing that this was the case, that our current administration would allow this individual to continue acting in his role as executive captain, when the entire community knows this about him? Is it professional that our administration should allow a Chief of Police within Montgomery County to tell the responding officer not to document the incident in hopes that it should never become public information…that way when it does become public information, that Chief of Police should tender his resignation from his command? Would this same decision be made, professionally, at any family violence call between two citizens of Montgomery County in any fashion at any time, as if it were normal business? Or would our patrol staff be held accountable for ensuring that in accordance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, that this be handled in a certain way? Doubtful.”

This allegation is very serious, because it involves not only the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office but also the Conroe Police Department. The Golden Hammer has confirmed, through multiple sources in both the Sheriff’s Office and the Conroe Police Department, that a female Conroe Police Department officer filed an internal affairs complaint against former Conroe Chief of Police Philip Dupuis, who resigned and retired from the Department while the complaint continued to pend.

Sheriff’s Captain Bryan Carlisle.

The anonymous letter-writer wrote about Captain Ray:

“‘P’ for Professionalism – Does a professional police administrator (captain) have sexual relations with his subordinates and have numerous upheld accusations of sexual harassment? Does this individual continue to engage in said behaviors even after numerous complaints to the degree that most of your employees know this about him? Should this person even been a position as an administrator when this person has been made to sign civil litigation agreements stating that he is not allowed to act as a supervisor in any capacity in Montgomery County because of these upheld allegations? Is it professional for a chief and a sheriff to select someone with this history to a position of captain knowing that this is likely to continue and in fact has continued? Can an employee or member of the community accept this decision making as reliable or trustworthy, knowing that it is likely that this person was only promoted to this position due to to the fact that he aided in the degree that he did with the campaigning for Rand for sheriff? Doubtful.”

There are more than one hundred peace officers in the Sheriff’s Office who have confirmed those allegations to this newspaper against Captain Ray over the past several weeks. More than a dozen Sheriff’s Office peace officers have spoken with The Golden Hammer about Ray’s confrontation with the letter writer which occurred earlier this week, although all of those individuals agreed that their information came from hearsay reports of the officer whom Ray confronted and one other officer who witnessed two of the confrontations between Ray and the other officer.

Sheriff Henderson does seem to be taking action to correct many of the problems inside of the Sheriff’s Office, which is the largest County department by far with more than 730 County employees inside of it approximately two-thirds of whom are peace officers. Sheriff Henderson has expressed his willingness to have “open and frank” discussions with the patrol officers and other officers within his Office. Those are important steps in resolving these issues.

Several of the peace officers who have spoken with The Golden Hammer over the past several weeks reacted in a mixed fashion to Sheriff’s Henderson’s actions this afternoon. One high-ranking Sheriff’s officer commented, “Sheriff Henderson should have taken these actions in a decisive form several weeks ago. The publication of the patrolmen’s letter in The Golden Hammer and the Sheriff’s responsive interview seem to have triggered these formal moves. A lot of us are relieved that Rand [Henderson] is finally stepping up to clean this situation.”

Another peace officer inside of the Sheriff’s Office told this newspaper, on condition of anonymity, tonight, “This should have been done long ago. He’s only doing it because he’s feeling the heat. This is coming from the troops. It’s too late in their eyes. They’re very tired of it. He should have been looking out for his people long before this.”


Sheriff Henderson made this statement available on Facebook at 10:33 p.m. on March 22, 2018, five minutes after The Golden Hammer first published this story.







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