BREAKING NEWS! Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee issues statement about Party Bylaws, action by State Republican Executive Committee

Reagan Reed, Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party and Chairman of the Republican Party Steering Committee, addressed the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on February 13, 2018.


Conroe, September 24 – The Steering Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party issued a statement concerning the actions by the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) over this past weekend. The SREC acted in accordance with a complaint which a majority of the Republican Precinct Chairs in Montgomery County had filed against County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson, who has disrupted the County Republican Party since June 26, 2018, when the elected Precinct Chairs adopted new Bylaws which Wilkerson doesn’t like.

The following is the official Steering Committee statement:

The State Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously, at their September 22 meeting, for a clarification which upholds the validity of the new bylaws adopted on June 26th by the Montgomery County Executive Committee.

The SREC voted 64-0 to ratify a clarification by RPT Chairman James Dickey that bylaws expire every two years and that county executive committees must hold an organizational meeting to adopt bylaws by simple majority every biennium.

This unanimous ruling by the SREC confirms that the bylaws passed by the Montgomery County CEC by majority vote at their June 26th Organizational Meeting are fully valid and in effect.  

“As the clarification passed by the SREC makes clear, it is not amendment of bylaws, it is adoption, therefore, the relevant threshold for that adoption is a majority,” said Dickey.

Following the SREC meeting, the RPT Officials Committee held a hearing to consider an 8k complaint filed by a majority of the precinct chairs against MCRP Chairman Dr. Wally Wilkerson.  RPT Rule 8k allows the Officials Committee of the state party to recommend an “appropriate lawful remedy” if a county chair has misbehaved in office.

According to the complaint, by refusing to comply with the bylaws, Wilkerson is causing dysfunction and hampering the ability of the party to properly function, constituting misbehavior in office under Rule 8k.

During the hearing, while thanking Wilkerson for his many years of service, Dickey cautioned Wilkerson against making the false claim that the new bylaws somehow overturn the election.

“[I] would caution against the phrasing of anything that could be done by an EC in bylaws as actually ‘overturning an election’ because there are 22 duties of a county chair that are codified in the Election Code that were not addressed in the bylaws,” said Dickey.

The Officials Committee voted to give Wilkerson five (5) days to comply with the ruling of the SREC and abide by the new bylaws, after which time it will reconvene another hearing to consider an “appropriate lawful remedy.”

Following the SREC meeting, members of the MCRP Steering Committee reached out to Wilkerson in an attempt to arrange a meeting to discuss how to move the party forward under the bylaws that were ruled valid and bring the conflict to a resolution.

The MCRP 2018 Victory Committee is working hard to get the entire Republican ticket elected, and will continue to move forward getting out the vote for the November election.  All Republicans are welcome to join the committee’s efforts.

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