BREAKING NEWS! Montgomery County Commissioner Metts moves to remove Reed from Ethics Committee for daring to report about upcoming TCOLE suspension of Constable Hayden

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, the “People’s Judge,” and Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed.


Conroe, June 21 – Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts, a close political ally of Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, who was instrumental in Metts’ election in a very close runoff election last year, has moved to remove Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed from the Montgomery County Ethics Committee.

Reed wrote an article in “Texas Scorecard,” a news blog of Empower Texans, one of the largest grassroots conservative organizations in Texas for which Reed works as a correspondent, about Hayden’s upcoming suspension allegedly for falsely submitting continuing education records to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). TCOLE has issued letters to Hayden and three of his Deputy Constables and notified them that they will suffer suspensions, although they may appeal the rulings to an administrative law judge.

Sources inside of TCOLE and the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, who have requested anonymity, have confirmed that Hayden has appealed the ruling and is seeking to negotiate a shorter suspension.

There are no pending ethics complaints against Hayden before the Montgomery County Ethics Committee. In fact, no one has ever filed a complaint with that Committee, because the Committee entirely lacks enforcement power.

The issue with Reed’s article in Texas Scorecard arose after a family of convicted felons, who went to federal prison for defrauding Hurricane Katrina victims, complained about Reed’s outspoken reporting. The family of felons has worked closely with Metts and Hayden and publish a couple of blogs in which they seek to threaten community leaders. They live in a school bus.

Metts’ action to remove a member of the Ethics Committee for criticizing a political ally is troubling to say the least, especially since there are no pending ethics complaints before the Committee. In the past, Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley has attempted to stack the Ethics Committee with political allies. Former Montgomery County Attorney JD Lambright confronted Riley and the Commissioners Court and was able to head off such action.

Metts has placed the motion to remove Reed and replace him – likely with a Metts-Hayden political ally – on the agenda for the Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 9:30 a.m. Commissioners Court meeting.

Reed has committed no misconduct whatsoever. Therefore, there simply are no grounds for removal of Reed other than raw politics.



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