BREAKING NEWS! MCSO’s Sergeant Jordan’s act of heroism, kindness should not go unnoticed despite sad end

Sergeant Billy Jordan.

Willis, October 31 – Early Monday morning, Sergeant Billy Jordan of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was on his way to work as the Sergeant overseeing Montgomery County Courthouse operations when he spotted an injured owl on the side of F.M. 1097. The owl obviously had a broken leg and an injury to his eye.

Sergeant Jordan stopped his patrol vehicle and decided he’d try to get the wounded bird to a local veterinarian for emergency care. Jordan decided the safest way to transport the animal would be to put him in his trunk.

Wounded owl in Sergeant Jordan’s trunk.

Jordan explained the reason for placing the owl in his trunk rather than in the passenger area of his vehicle: “I did think about that. Nice and cool and a short ride. But, I kept thinking about him going crazy if I put him inside with me, so that only left the trunk.”

Jordan’s decision to transport the owl in the trunk paid off. The brief ride to the veterinarian was successful and the bird was peacefully sitting in the trunk when Jordan arrived there.

The veterinarian kindly took the animal into the office and began to tend to his injuries.

Jordan was very humble about the whole situation after it happened, although numerous friends and family members lauded him for his heroic action to try to save the bird.

Sadly, Jordan announced today at noon, “I just called the vets office to find out status on owl. Sad to report it had to be put to sleep. It had 2 fractures, one of which was open. Thanks for all the comments and concern, I wanted to follow up with ya.”

Jordan’s actions were kindhearted and heroic. He tried to save the owl’s life. At a minimum, Jordan helped it pass away in a lot less pain than it would otherwise have borne.

Montgomery County should be very proud of this outstanding peace officer who gave peace to a beautiful owl and shared his calm and wisdom with many of his friends.



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