BREAKING NEWS! Invoking number of suicides, State Representative Toth calls to “Let’s turn the economy’s swith back on and help the psychologically and medically fragile”

State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe. 


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, April 14 – Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe, issued the following statement on the Chinese coronavirus economic shutdown:

“We’re seeing an increase in suicides as COVID-19 attacks those who are psychologically at risk. America has endured much over the past few weeks, but maybe it’s not too late to reverse the effects for those who are hanging on by a thread.

“In my recently published article ‘The Trade-off Between the Medically and Psychologically Fragile,’ I wrote my solution: ‘Let’s turn the [economy’s] switch back on and help both the psychologically and medically fragile…We can save the medically fragile by allowing them to self-quarantine while we collectively meet their needs for food and shelter. We can save the psychologically fragile by allowing them to work and in so doing, allow them to realize the sense of purpose and value to their fellow man.’

“I look forward to Governor Abbott’s announcement this week on restarting the Texas economy.

When asked about the number and incidence of Chinese coronavirus cases, Toth told The Golden Hammer, “The news is really good. We should all be encouraged because the numbers are significantly lower than what we were told they would or should be. That should spur the reopening of the Texas economy. We need to exercise social distancing, as we go back to work, but let’s get back to work. This was never about stopping the virus. This was about flattening the curve, and we’ve done that and we can continue to do that, while the economy is open and running.”

Toth is a small business owner representing South Montgomery County in House District 15. He’s a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee in the Texas House of Representative. Representative Toth has appeared as a contributor on CNN, FOX News, Fox Business News, and OAN. He is a regular commentator on Fox 26 Houston’s “What’s your Point.” Rep. Toth also serves as chairman of the board for the Mighty Oaks Foundation ministering to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.




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