BREAKING NEWS! Inexperienced, unpopular GLO Commissioner George P. Bush to challenge venerated incumbent conservative Attorney General Paxton

BREAKING NEWS! Inexperienced, unpopular GLO Commissioner George P. Bush to challenge venerated incumbent conservative Attorney General Paxton

Image: Unpopular General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, who is known for ousting the Daughters of the Republic of Texas from management and operation of the Alamo and who has sought to “reimagine” the Alamo to please British rock star Phil Collins, announced in Austin that he will challenge venerated incumbent conservative Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the 2022 Republican Primary Election.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, June 2 – Unpopular Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, facing a very realistic possibility that he could not win re-election to that job after his disastrous attempt to “reimagine the Alamo” rather than remember the brave Texas fighters who fought for Texas Independence, announced this evening that he will run for Texas Attorney General in the 2022 Republican Primary Election against popular conservative incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton. Bush said, “I am a Republican candidate to be your next Texas Attorney General.”

Like Massachusetts liberal Senator Teddy Kennedy sixty years ago, young George P. Bush is trying to ride the coattails of a fading family legacy into a job for which he is completely unprepared. The job of Attorney General in Texas requires legal acumen and experience, a history of professional success, and rock-solid conservatism to fight the radical left’s push to take away our Constitutional rights. Paxton has been a practicing attorney in Texas since 1991 and one of the most successful Attorney Generals in Texas history for six years, while Bush has been a licensed lawyer for only 17 years and only practiced law for 3 years before becoming a private “investor” with the family money he inherited.

Bush terribly fumbled his attempt to “re-imagine the Alamo,” which has become “retreating from the Alamo” after mismanaging the project and passing the buck to others. And now, Bush is parroting left-wing fake news about Attorney General Ken Paxton’s supposed “corruption,” showing Texans that he neither has the discernment nor patience to separate fact from the fictions pushed by Big Corporate Media.
Attorney General Paxton declined to comment to The Golden Hammer for this article, but this newspaper has confirmed, through sources inside of Paxton’s campaign that “General Paxton welcomes the opportunity to continue to demonstrate his legal and conservative bona fides against an upstart neophyte who has already admitted that the Attorney General’s conservative credentials are second to none.”
It seems a strange time to challenge Paxton, who, on May 20, 2021, enjoyed a major victory in federal court over the Biden administration when he obtained a permanent ban on the federal government’s recent pause in deportations of illegal aliens. Please see “Texas AG Paxton wins major victory over Biden administration, stops deportation pause permanently,” The Golden Hammer, May 21, 2021,
Bush’s campaign sputtered to a rough start during this evening, Wednesday, June 2, as a sparse group of campaign professionals gathered to hear his campaign announcement.
Sparse group of professional supporters cheer unpopular Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush as he announces he is running for Texas Attorney General.



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