BREAKING NEWS! Harris County Elections Administrator Longoria resigns after terribly managed primary election

Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Houston, March 8 – Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria resigned today (March 8, 2022), effective July 1.

Longoria suffered substantial criticism for failing to release vote totals for the March 1 Primary Elections until 30 hours after the polls had closed. Texas law requires that each County must provide vote totals to the Texas Secretary of State no later than 24 hours after the polls have closed.

Election judges who spoke at Harris County Commissioners Court this morning spoke about several problems, as a result of Longoria’s poor management, including inadequate supplies for the election, malfunctioning machines and a lack of support from elections office staff.

No other Texas County failed to turn its vote tally into the Secretary of State’s Office late.

Longoria admitted that her office had failed to include approximately ten thousand mail-in ballots in the final vote county as late as Saturday, March 5.



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