BREAKING NEWS! GM Turner resigns from Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District General Manager Kathy Turner Jones participated in the December 11, 2018, Board of Directors meeting. At every turn, she argued in favor of greater government spending, more groundwater regulation, and the interests of the regulatory bureaucracy.


Conroe, March 6 – Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) Kathy Turner Jones resigned today, effective March 13, 2019, as General Manager of the District.

Jones has served as the General Manager of LSGCD for over 16 year since the regulatory body began in 2002. Jones had served as a groundwater regulator previously. She led the LSGCD through the processing of creating numerous regulations based upon fictitious scientific models which resulted in over-regulation of groundwater for purpose of driving municipalities, utility companies, and other large water users into forced purchases of surface water from the monopolistic San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA). SJRA’s General Manager Jace Houston largely controlled LSGCD policies until the LSGCD enjoyed its first election by citizens on November 6, 2018.

Jones clearly did not fit LSGCD’s direction after the citizens elected a Board of seven individuals – Harry Hardman, Webb Melder, Jon Bouche, Jonathan Prykryl, Larry Rogers, Jim Spigener, and Stuart Taylor – to deregulate unnecessarily-regulated groundwater production. Ms. Jones leaves the District amicably as she is pursuing a growth opportunity in her career.

LSGCD President said, “We sincerely thank her for her contribution and leadership during her tenure as General Manager. The Board appreciates her many years of service and the smooth transition she is enabling. We wish her the best in her new endeavor in groundwater management. The Board of Directors will consider naming an interim general manager at its next board meeting on March 12, 2019.”

Jones is a very intelligent and hard-charging regulator. She was extraordinarily confrontational with numerous business owners and private property owners associations who struggled to comply with LSGCD’s onerous regulations. Clearly, however, Jones did not fit within LSGCD after it took a deregulation approach.



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