BREAKING NEWS! George P. Bush’s State Bar file casts major doubts on his qualifications to serve as Texas Attorney General

BREAKING NEWS! George P. Bush’s State Bar file casts major doubts on his qualifications to serve as Texas Attorney General

Image: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s State Bar of Texas file. Bush, who inherited substantial wealth from his family, now seeks election as Texas Attorney General, even though his law license remained “inactive” according to State Bar of Texas records for the vast majority of his career until one week after the Alamo Cenotaph removal permit failed before the Texas Historical Commission.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, June 3 – Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced yesterday (June 2) that he intends to challenge venerable incumbent conservative Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton in the 2022 Republican Primary Election. Bush’s State Bar of Texas file, however, casts considerable doubt on Bush’s qualifications for the job.

The official duties of the Attorney General of the State of Texas under the Texas Constitution include:

  • Serving as legal counsel to all boards and agencies of state government;
  • Issuing legal opinions when requested by the Governor, heads of state agencies, and other officials and agencies as provided by Texas statutes;
  • Representing the State of Texas in litigation;
  • Defending the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas in state and federal courts; and
  • Approving public bond issues.

Bush graduated from college in 1998 with a 2.79 grade point average, a very poor C average. Bush flunked at least one course and received a D in another course. In order to try to boost his grade point average, Bush took college courses in spanish, the language he often spoke at home when he grew up.

George P. Bush’s record as an attorney licensed to practice law, however, is even more disturbing. Bush has actually engaged in the practice of law for less than five years when he was a young associate at a large Dallas law firm working for more experienced attorneys who had to supervise his every action.

Bush received his license to practice law on November 6, 2003, according to State Bar of Texas records The Golden Hammer newspaper has obtained. He worked for three years for the big law firm as a very junior associate. In 2007, Bush took his substantial family inheritance and began to invest in real estate.

As Bush was doing nothing even close to the practice of law as he invested his inherited money, he decided to allow his law license become “inactive” on March 14, 2010, which meant he was not permitted to practice law under the State Bar Act. On September 22, 2020, however, Bush suffered a major political setback in his career when the Texas Historical Commission sided with the vast majority of Texans and denied Bush and the City of San Antonio the permit to move the Alamo Cenotaph to a different location.

At that point in September, 2020, Bush knew that his days as Texas Land Commissioner were numbered. It became clear, at that time, that Bush needed to seek some other political position or he would run into a brick wall in his ambitious political career. Therefore, Bush sought reinstatement of his law license eight (8) days later. Bush only became a lawyer again on October 1, 2020, so that he could then try to run against a far more accomplished attorney (Ken Paxton) who serves Texans as their Attorney General.

Bush did not respond to a request for comment.



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