BREAKING NEWS! Former Montgomery County Judge Sadler, conservative hero, declares Commissioner Court action “historic”

The great former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler (right) with 284th District Judge Kristin Bays.


Conroe, August 2 – Former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler pronounced the Commissioners Court action yesterday (Thursday, August 1, 2019) to pass a budget less than or equal to the “effective rate” – the rate of tax which, even with tax appraisal increases, would reduce to a point where the average taxpayer’s taxes stay the same or are less – as an “historic” action. “I must say I am blown away at this……never has happened I don’t think in history to the best of my knowledge!”

The Publisher of The Golden Hammer, caught walking along Woodlands Parkway, agreed. “This action is truly historic. I compliment Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, the ‘People’s Judge,’ and Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack. Keough provided the strategic leadership. Noack provided the incredibly hard work and tactical leadership on almost every issue that came before the Commissioners Court during the Budget Workshop. In this one instance, I have to admit that I even appreciate the agreement of Commissioners Metts, Meador, and Riley in going along with Judge Keough and Commissioner Noack.”

While Noack and Keough deserve the credit and praise for this particular action, there is no question that the hard work of grassroots conservative political activists has made an enormous difference in changing the culture and the attitudes of the entire political realm of Montgomery County, the greatest County on Earth. Among those leading political activists are Jon Bouche (Chairman of the Citizens Budget Committee), Kelli Cook (who organizes and runs just about everything and is the Gulf Coast Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty), Dale Inman (Conroe ISD Trustee), Reagan Reed (Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party who basically runs that Party since the Chairman does nothing but hide in his office and spend Party money on his private secretary), Jennie Stephenson (the brilliant strategist and activist who seems to be just about everywhere all the time), Mary Jo Hudnall (who urged the Commissioners Court towards transparency), Allison Winter (the State Republican Executive Committee woman who urged the Commissioners Court to spend less money), John Wertz (who is Vetting Committee Chairman for the Montgomery County Tea Party), Bill O’Sullivan (the Sage), Bob Bagley (a prominent conservative leader and philosopher of the John Birch Society), Judge Sadler, and many others.

Noack added, “Our actions were significant and historic. I’m proud of the work the Commissioners Court has accomplished on the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.”

Sadler retired in 2014. Unfortunately, Craig Doyal’s reign of terror and misfortune began immediately after Sadler’s retirement. Fortunately, Judge Keough’s election ended Doyal’s dictatorial and secretive reign.




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