BREAKING NEWS! Former County Judge Sadler calls for Montgomery County Republican Party to move forward under new Bylaws


Former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler, who served for 24 years until 2015, and his wife who is also a great community leader, Mimi Berkeley Sadler.


Conroe, July 15 – Former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler, a longtime friend and ally of Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson called for an end to Wilkerson’s attempt to set aside the duly-adopted Bylaws of the Republican Party, after the June 26, 2018, County Executive Committee meeting at which the elected Precinct Chairs voted overwhelmingly to adopt the new Bylaws and elect Party officers.

Wilkerson announced on Friday, July 13, that he wants to appoint his own officers, even though he presided over the elections of the Party officers that occurred on June 26, and refuses to abide by the Bylaws, because, he claims, some unidentified person told him the new Bylaws required a 2/3 vote for adoption.

Yesterday, July 14, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey ruled that adoption of the new Bylaws only required a majority vote at the organizational meeting of the County Executive Committee.

Sadler issued the following statement today on social media:

“There has been much said about the ‘takeover’ of the MCRP lately. While I have been a Wally Wilkerson supporter for decades and continue to be possibly, it is time for change. If the RPT Chair has ruled that it takes a majority vote for change, I am good with that. It is past time to come together and prepare for the November elections…….together! The DEM’s are absolutely loving this quagmire and party split. It’s time to stop all the rancor, bickering and argument of who is right. The State Leadership has spoken and it’s time for compromise, unity, and a fight for Republican causes.”

Well said, Judge Sadler.



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