BREAKING NEWS: Doyal, Davenport, fredricks, Arrazate make illegal video disappear

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal appearing in campaign ad filmed at a conference table inside the County’s Sadler Administration Building.

Conroe, May 21 – All within a few minutes of each other, the Craig Doyal for Montgomery County Judge campaign, and the various fake names and pseudonyms which close Doyal associates have used all had the illegal Craig Doyal campaign video disappear from social media and the Internet. The video constitutes a violation of Texas Election Code Section 255.003, which is a Class A misdemeanor, a serious offense.

Around mid-morning Sunday, May 21, 2017, the video had gone to its maximum distribution across several Interent, Facebook, and Instagram locations. Even some of the fake profiles under the control of local political consultant Marc Davenport, Doyal “chief of staff” jim fredricks, and “Establishment” wannabe Nathan Arrazate had shared the Doyal video.

Clearly, someone had gotten the word to Doyal, Davenport, fredricks, and Arrazate, however, that the video, the story about which The Golden Hammer broke this morning at 12:01 a.m., was a serious problem and a violation of the Texas Election Code. While Doyal’s actions indicate that he believes he’s generally above the reach of the law, someone in his close circle of top supporters must have recognized the extent of the problem.

The video has disappeared from social media, but, don’t worry, several copies of the video still exist…



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