BREAKING NEWS: District Clerk candidate Miller issues somber statement critical of District Clerk’s office error delaying execution date of Trotter’s convicted murderer


Montgomery County District Clerk candidate Melisa Miller (center) with friends Kathleen Towery (left) and Doris Lockey (right).

Conroe, October 26 – Former 19-year District Clerk employee and candidate for Montgomery County District Clerk in the March 2018 Republican Primary Election Melisa Miller issued a somber statement upon learning of the mistake in District Clerk Barbara Adamick’s office which is resulting in the delay of the execution date of Larry Swearing, the convicted murderer of Melissa Trotter. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon announced the errors and the resulting delay earlier today.

Ligon explained that the delay of the execution resulted from the District Clerk’s Office sending the paperwork which included the execution notification to the wrong State office in Austin.

“This mistake is inexcusable,” Miller said. “If the District Clerk had kept up with required state continuing education, legislative changes and statutes would not have been overlooked. Montgomery County deserves better representation and a responsible District Clerk who does not create problems for families of the victims, nor families of the convicted.”

Miller continued, “It is incumbent upon all elected officials to understand changes made by the legislature and how they impact the duties and workings of their office.

“As your District Clerk, I will solve problems such as this and we will have an efficiently well-run office with complete accountability, both for the staff and for me, the District Clerk,” said Miller.  “I offer my sincere condolences to the Trotter family, as they certainly didn’t deserve to have their opportunity for closure destroyed over a clerical error.”

Jason Millsaps, Chairman of the Montgomery County Young Republicans and a major political force in his own right, said, “I’m so thankful we have someone with the dedication and experience to run this office running for District Clerk against the current office holder. I’m proud to support Melisa Miller for District Clerk.”

Miller faces Adamick in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Miller left the District Clerk’s Office earlier this year after Adamick made clear that she was running for re-election after previously telling people that she supporter Miller for the job. Miller presently works as an Assistant County Clerk for Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull.




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