BREAKING NEWS! democrats hate “vile,” “deplorable human being”: Publisher of The Golden Hammer

A depiction by democrats of Eric Yollick, Publisher of The Golden Hammer. We should all be glad that the democrats have not engaged in hate speech. (For the full depiction, please see the screen shots at the end of this article.)

Conroe, August 9, 2019 – “Eric Yollick is evil.” “He’s such a scumbag.” “He’s the worst!!!!” “I don’t follow him or his awful page for my own mental health.” Those comments are some of the comments local democrats and liberals have expressed today about the Publisher of this newspaper, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, entitled The Golden Hammer.

The ruckus all arose when The Golden Hammer dared to call out a Conroe Independent School District (CISD) teacher for her comments to the effect that higher taxes and forcing people to “invest” their money in government is positive, because it “integrates” people into the community. Here’s what Lucy Woodhead, a CISD teacher had to say on social media last night, Thursday, August 8, 2019:

“The Golden Hammer ‘you want to take my money away from me’ [quoting Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper complaining of CISD spending]…..What a selfish, immature, old fashioned comment to make. It really tells us all we need to know about your prerogative and what/who you care about most. The more integrated a community is, the more invested members of the community are (in time, care and money), the greater the result for all.” – – Lucy Woodhead, CISD teacher, 9:49 p.m., August 8, 2019.

The article in which the discussion about Woodhead’s Marxist comments appear is “Lucy Woodhead, GO BACK HOME: Socialist Attacks Spring To Life In Conservative Montgomery County, Texas (Or The Most Stupid Comments On Social Media!),” The Golden Hammer, August 9, 2019.

Very clearly, for someone to criticize her comments about requiring people to “invest” more of their tax dollars into the community to achieve “the greater the result for all” and saying those comments are the fundamental tenets of Marxism-Leninism has become unacceptable “hate speech” in the eyes of some people. The gist of The Golden Hammer article was that Woodhead made clear she is unhappy with the attitude of this newspaper that citizens know better how to invest their own hard-earned money than does the government, unlike in the United Kingdom from whence Woodhead came. Nevertheless, there are many people who do not want Montgomery County or CISD to emulate the United Kingdom’s socialist and collectivist policies.

Apparently, for anyone to argue for individual freedom and for anyone to argue that government spending is a loss of some liberty has become a form of “hate speech” in the eyes of those who favor more and more government spending for the collective good.

Here are additional comments the liberals and democrats have made about this newspaper and the Publisher of The Golden Hammer:

  • “He is a vile mole rat.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “A truly deplorable human being.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “I can’t stand anything about him…” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “He looks like Golum.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “There are some sad people in this neighborhood.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “He actually liked the comment I made on his page yesterday and because of that I’m feeling like I need to reevaluate everything.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “This makes me so f—–g angry.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment.
  • “He is a failed politician who can’t get elected so now he harasses everyone.” This newspaper is glad there is no expression of hatred in that comment. Fact check: The Publisher did actually get elected once in a countywide election. He finished his job cutting spending on the governmental body and resigned to go to graduate school and try to improve himself. Obviously judging by the comments, he failed to do so.

If standing up to people who want to take the citizens’ money away to support their own salaries, to give that money to more and more government, or to divert funds away from providing education to children rather than following the only mission of schools which should be to educate children, makes someone or a newspaper deplorable, vile, a mole rate, Golum, sad, failed, or whatever, then this newspaper gladly accepts those appellations.

By the way, the staff of The Golden Hammer has confirmed with the Publisher that he is in full agreement that he looks somewhat “like Golum, but I feel I look much more like Jabba the Hutt.” The Publisher added, “I am fat. I’m ugly. I have to admit I’m not a very good person. I’m striving to be skinnier and a better person, but I can’t do much about the fact that I’m ugly. I appreciate the liberals and democrats bringing those matters to my attention, however, and wish them all the very best.”

The staff of this newspaper asked the Publisher, “Do you hate liberals and democrats or people who want to spend more money on taxes?” The Publisher answered, “No. In fact, I love them and respect them for their energy. I hope they find much happiness.”

The full posts of the group of democrats and liberals, who have shown so much love and compassion, follow:

Screen shot, August 9, 2019.


Screen shot, part deux, August 9, 2019.
Screen shot, part trois, August 9, 2019.


Screen shot, part quatre, August 9, 2019.

Late this afternoon, Stephanie Ruediger told the Publisher, “You can and will go to Hell.” Glad there’s no hate speech there.

During the evening, Stephanie Ruediger continued to add her thoughts on a social media page entitled “East County Drain the Swamp.”



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