BREAKING NEWS: County Treasurer candidate, CISD Board President Melanie Pryor Bush explains the reality behind incumbent Davenport’s payroll expense waste

CISD President Melanie Pryor Bush. Bush is running for Montgomery County Treasurer against incumbent Stephanne Davenport.

BREAKING NEWS! Conroe, July 28 – County Treasurer candidate and Conroe ISD Board President Melanie Pryor Bush responded to County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport’s presentation during the Commissioners Court “budget workshop” wherein Davenport presented her version of the supposed cost to the County for payroll.

Bush’s comments follow:

“In the budget hearing Wednesday, it was reported that our county’s payroll costs are $0.77 a check or $20 per employee for the year.

“Rough cost of payroll is closer to $103.50 per employee or $3.98 a check when including department staff time for payroll prep before it goes to the Treasurer’s Office and doesn’t include the time for individual employees to fill out manual time sheets!

“With ADP and PayChex charging roughly $2 a check on the high side, I think we can do better than even that!

“Time to innovate! Time to reform!”



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