BREAKING NEWS: Cook obtains full list of nonbonding Republican referendums for March, 2018, Election


Rancher and political activist Kelli Cook.

Conroe, December 3 – Kelli Cook of Montgomery, who is a rancher, conservative Republican political activist, and Montgomery County Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty, obtained the full list of statewide ballot propositions, which the State Republican Executive Committee approved by overwhelming votes on Saturday, December 2, 2017, in Austin. The irrepressible Cook is also a close associate of Dr. Ron Paul, the former Congressman and candidate for president.

The wording of Proposition #2 on tollroads is the precise wording which the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee originated and approved on August 15, 2017, by a near-unanimous vote. Republican Precinct Chairman Paul Gebolys is the author of the ballot proposition and urged its adoption at the County Executive Committee.

Republican Precinct Chairman Reagan Reed helped Gebolys with the parliamentary tactics when “establishment” County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson did everything he could to kill the resolution on August 15. Wilkerson even attempted to adjourn the meeting even though there was a pending motion subject to debate on the floor at the time.

The “establishment” – Wilkerson, County Judge Craig Doyal, and reporter Catherine Dominguez of “the Courier” blog – announced on August 16, 2017, that the proposed referendum “won’t go anywhere” because they knew that there was no way it could ever appear as a ballot proposition.


The precise wording of the Montgomery County proposition will appear on the ballot statewide for the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election.

These nonbinding referendums have had a history of profound influence on the direction of Texas legislative decision making as well as local and state governmental policy. Even Doyal has repeatedly referred to the results of a 2010 nonbonding referendum that placed a ceiling on local government spending growth.



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