BREAKING NEWS! Cook celebrates 29th birthday but has accomplished half a century of political leadership!

Rancher and political activist Kelli Cook made great progress and showed great leadership in the homestead exemption fight. If you enjoy your 20% homestead exemption in Montgomery County, Kelli Cook is the person you should thank. She got it done.


Willis and Montgomery, May 1 – While Communists may celebrate May Day, and lawyers celebrate Law Day, May 1 is actually the date of the birth of an amazing child named Kelli Cox who eventually became Kelli Cook after she married the hardworking Greg Cook. Cook’s mother gave birth to her in Vernal, Utah, among the dinosaurs.

Today is Cook’s 29th (???) birthday, although the political leadership she has provided to Montgomery County would make one think she has lived a full HALF CENTURY!!!

Cook has so many accomplishments that to list them would make this article seem more like the Encyclopedia Brittanica than an article in Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, The Golden Hammer. Cook happens to be a highly accomplished wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, rancher, garbage-remover, political leader, opponent of Big Government, and all-around fun person.

Cook is the person who almost single-handedly gave Montgomery County taxpayers the 20% homestead exemption. By fierce lobbying of the Commissioners Court, Cook brought the homestead exemption to this corrupt County government almost two decades after most counties in Texas had adopted it.

Cook and her great friend Ginger Russell defeated the Magnolia ISD’s tax hike last August 14, 2018. Their grassroots efforts were downright miraculous. Through door-to-door campaigning, use of social media, and endless jawboning, Cook and Russell defeated the Magnolia Establishment even though the Establishment outspent them more than 1000 to 1.

Cook was the Treasurer of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Victory 2018 General Election Campaign. Cook and Committee Chairman Dale Inman formulated and implemented a strategy unique among the 254 counties in Texas to make Montgomery County stand as the shining exception to the democrat trend of suburban counties across Texas. Cook and the General Election Committee delivered an enormous margin to United States Senator Ted Cruz, which ultimately provided him with the margin to defeat the Irish burglar who sought to unseat him.

Cook now serves as the Finance Committee Chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Cook is the Grassroots Organization Queen of Montgomery County. She’s the Gulf Coast Regional Chair of the Campaign for Liberty, a first-class grassroots organization under the leadership of Dr. Ron Paul, former United States Congressman and Presidential candidate.

Cook is the Director of Strategy and Operations for the Children’s Hope PAC, which is presently working to defeat the $807 million Conroe ISD bond and tax hike.

Kelli Cook, thank you for all of your great work!




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