BREAKING NEWS! Constable Gable disavows Phonoscope, discusses his office’s success


Left to right: Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

The Woodlands, January 11 – In a victory for the taxpayers all around, Precinct 3 Montgomery Constable Ryan Gable, one of the up and coming law enforcement officers in Texas, disavowed any plans to install Phonoscope fiber optic cable in his office and told The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, that he asked both the Precinct 3 County Commissioner’s Office and the County’s Information Technology Department to check to make sure no Phonoscope installation had occurred in his office.

As this newspaper reported, “Doyal, Davenport Proceed With Phonoscope Fiber Optic Installations Knowing They Need Commissioners Court Approval And Don’t Have It,: The Golden Hammer, January 2, 2018, under the supervision of the Davenport Ring – the corrupt group of government officials seeking to take over Montgomery County’s purchasing and information technology functions and to manipulate County Judge Craig Doyal as well as the County finance system – Phonoscope Enterprise Group is proceeding with cable installations in County buildings, facilities, and rights-of-way without Commissioners Court approval to do so.

The concern about Gable’s office arose after two deputies in his office told this newspaper that Gable intended to proceed with the Phonoscope installations. Additionally, the secret Phonoscope plans, which Phonoscope, Doyal, and the County’s Information Technology Department attempted to hide from The Golden Hammer, reveal the intent to install the rogue fiber optic cable system in Precinct 3, as shown immediately below. This newspaper obtained the plans after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered Doyal, the County government, and Phonoscope to produce them to this newspaper.

Montgomery County Government “For Sale!” (Part 4): secret meeting with Davenport Ring begets County vendor Phonoscope’s frightening control
Secret Phonoscope network plans, which Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, Phonoscope, and the County Information Technology Department sought to hide from The Golden Hammer. Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered them to produce the information to this newspaper.


Precinct 3 Commissioner’s Technology Director Chuck Cobb and County Commissioner James Noack confirmed that the scan of Gable’s office showed no Phonoscope installation has yet occurred.

Citizens should be grateful to Gable for taking this action. On June 7, 2017, Phonoscope’s marketing director Jerome DeCuir wrote this email to Montgomery County IT Network and Operations Manager Bobby Powell:

“[Marc] Davenport told Mr. Cook [Lee Cook, Phonoscope’s Chief Executive Officer] this morning about the Commissioners Court sessions every other week and Mr. Cook asked that I ask if you have what you need from us to present or request approval to use us. Not sure how all it all works for approvals but if you need anything from let me know.”

In other words, corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport, Phonoscope, Phonoscope CEO Lee Cook, DeCuir, Powell, and Doyal from whom Powell takes orders know that they’ve needed Commissioners Court approval to use Phonoscope for deep fiber optic cable installation, but Doyal, at the direction of Davenport, has chosen to proceed with the massive installation anyway.

There has literally been no mention of any sort of approval request for the Phonoscope installation from the Commissioners Court since June 7. In fact, the only mention of Phonoscope in the Commissioners Court minutes occurs in the October 10, 2017, minutes which reflect:

Other than a “Golden Hammer Award” given to red-faced Doyal for the rogue installation of the Phonoscope fiber optic cable system, the Commissioners Court has never had before it any request to approve the installation!

Gable’s excellent law enforcement work

At the same time, the proper and obvious focus of Gable’s Precinct 3 Constable’s Office is law enforcement. Gable and his team of peace officers and support staff have done an outstanding job reducing crime and enforcement traffic safety.

Gable told The Golden Hammer on Wednesday, January 10, “I’m very proud of the work my team has done in Precinct 3. We made 47 DWI arrests during the holiday season alone.” Gable works closely with the Sheriff’s Office and its south Montgomery County substation.

Gable’s disavowal of Phonoscope and his emphasis on law enforcement reveal his focus on providing excellent public safety to the citizens of Montgomery County.



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