BREAKING NEWS! Conroe PD terminates Officer Chavez after Family Violence Assault

Gabriel Nasario Chavez, terminated as Conroe Police Officer.


Conroe, April 18 – On April 17, 2019, the Conroe Police Department was made aware of an allegation of Family Violence Assault said to have been committed by an off-duty Conroe Police Officer against his estranged spouse. Conroe Police administration assisted the complainant in contacting theMontgomery County Sheriff’s Office who had jurisdiction where the assault was said to have occurred.

Conroe Police assisted the Sheriff’s Office with their investigation. The Sheriff’s Office ultimately arrested the officer for Felony 2 Assault Family Violence. The officer is identified as 31 year old Gabriel Nasario Chavez who had been employed as an officer since July 2018.

Officer Chavez’employment has been terminated.



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