BREAKING NEWS! Conroe ISD’s Null refuses to debate the $807 million bond, just wants everyone to vote for it in blind faith

Screen shot of post from a pro-establishment Republican group, which had requested a debate between Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null and Children’s Hope PAC Chairman (and The Golden Hammer’s Publisher) Eric Yollick. Yollick accepted the invitation.


Conroe, April 10 – Conroe Independent School District Superintendent Curtis Null has made clear that he’s incapable of defending his advocacy for the school district’s $807 million bond package. A pro-establishment Republican group, which had requested a debate between Null and Children’s Hope PAC Chairman (and this newspaper’s Publisher) Eric Yollick, issued a statement yesterday that Null refused the invitation.

The pro-establishment group issued a statement providing Null’s and CISD’s reasoning for avoiding the debate, but, of course, failed to provide Yollick an opportunity to respond to CISD’s and Null’s attack.

The “It’s Hammer Time” show invited Null to appear to present his advocacy for the CISD’s $807 million bond. Null declined.

The Montgomery County Tea Party asked Null to participate in a forum with Yollick to have an open discussion of the CISD’s $807 million bond. Null declined and made clear he would only appear by himself, along with CISD Board members, CISD’s attorney, and CISD’s Chief Financial Officer.

Two chambers of commerce and two local Rotary Clubs refused to permit Yollick to speak to them about the CISD’s $807 million bond. A Woodlands realtor interviewed Null about the bond and claimed he (the realtor) was “unbiased.” The realtor refused to allow Yollick to participate in a similar interview.

Much to their credit, however, the City Councils of Oak Ridge North, Conroe, and Shenandoah have all agreed to allow Yollick to speak to them as an item on their meeting agendas. Yollick spoke to the Oak Ridge North City Council on Monday, April 8, 2019, in a very cordial atmosphere with free discussion of facts and ideas. Yollick will appear before the Conroe City Council today, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at 2 p.m.

The Woodlands Township also allowed Yollick to speak, although the Board limited Yollick’s time to 9 minutes, while they allowed Null unlimited time to make his presentation.

It seems critical to Conroe ISD to eliminate Free Speech about the $807 million bond package. The Montgomery County Republican Party, the Texas Patriots PAC, and the Montgomery County Tea Party have all officially opposed the CISD’s $807 million bond set for voter referendum on May 4, with early voting from April 22 to 30.



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