BREAKING NEWS: Conroe City Council Votes to Nix Councilman Ham’s Lobbying on Water Issues, Awards $25K Contract to Lobbying Firm

Conroe Mayor Toby Powell.

Conroe, February 6 – The Conroe City Council held a special meeting this morning and had a heated debate over whether to continue to permit Councilman Duane Ham to lobby on water-related issues with the Texas Legislature on behalf of the City. The Council had previously voted to give Ham a $50,000 budget for lobbying, primarily to work with legislators to enact legislature to require that Montgomery County citizens elect all board members of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District.

After a fiery discussion and debate, the City Council voted this morning to eliminate Ham as a lobbyist and to defund his activities. The Council voted to spend $25,000 for a professional lobbying and law firm to assume those responsibilities.

Ham noted, “While I was in Austin working as a volunteer for the citizens of this community, Mayor Powell and others betrayed me and the citizens by setting this special meeting.”

The Golden Hammer will provide more complete coverage later today.



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