BREAKING NEWS: Captain Ray resigns from Sheriff’s Office in continuing tumult

Conroe, April 25-

Sheriff’s Captain Kevin Ray, the leader of the Patrol East Division, resigned from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office this morning by submitting a letter to Sheriff Rand Henderson. Ray had been under investigation and suspension with respect to allegations of romantic involvement with subordinates and possible violations of whistleblower laws.

Ray had been a very popular officer among people in the community who were not law enforcement officers. He had become an iconic figure after his positive but aggressive campaigning for Rand Henderson in the South Montgomery Community Center parking lot during the 2016 Republican primary election. Ray has the kind of personality that dominates any room or place he enters.

Ray had been an officer in other departments previously, including the Precinct 3 Constable’s Office. Sadly, his resignation would seem to indicate an end to Ray’s career as a law enforcement officer.

Sheriff Henderson Declined Comment.




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