BREAKING NEWS: Attendance at Mack’s re-election kickoff way down from previous years

Introduction of elected officials at Wayne Mack’s re-election kickoff.


Conroe, October 12 – Attendance at Wayne Mack’s re-election kickoff event, that he advertised as “the greatest nonpolitical event of the year,” was down substantially from previous years, as Montgomery County citizens are coming to realize that he’s a cynical politician trying to hide behind his own narcissism and godliness. While there were many tables at the event, numerous tables had two to three people sitting at them, clearly indicating that the turnout was considerably less than Mack and political boss Marc Davenport had wanted.

While no one, other than Mack, can speak to his appreciation for himself, Mack’s failed record as a JP, his dependence on corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport to write much of what Mack says, the millions of dollars the County government is losing as a result of his use of the failed NetData software and GravesHumphries collection system for the fees and fines from his court, the profane and obscene conduct of his court employees during business hours, his failure to manage his own budget, his bullying of political candidates he doesn’t like, his efforts to force candidates to use the services of Davenport as a political controller, his threatening behavior towards County employees such as the late Marie Moore, and his very questionable personal conduct that goes far past the edge of ethical conduct are behavioral norms that the citizens of Montgomery County are coming to find unacceptable.

Reports from the breakfast were unanimous that Pastor Kerry Shook gave a fine presentation, while Matt and Caleb Mattix, the father-son paid speaking team, fell completely flat and inspired the attendees to do little more than focus on eating their breakfast.

Mostly, the event was an occasion for Mack to adulate himself and to give praise to the Davenport Ring(members) in attendance – Craig Doyal, Stephanne Davenport, and Rand Henderson.



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