BREAKING NEWS! Another Conroe ISD $807 million bond package lie emanates (wow, it’s hard to keep up with them)

BREAKING NEWS! More lies from Conroe Independent School District about $807 million bond package!

Screen shot of Conroe ISD Hubert’s false statement of endorsement from the “Woodlands Township.”

Conroe, March 23 – Lies to cover up lies to cover up lies to cover up lies in an endless series emanate from the Conroe Independent School District Board (CISD) of Trustees and the school district’s administration. Yesterday, March 22, 2019, CISD Trustee Skeeter Hubert, who spends enormous time and energy trolling social media to fight for the $807 million tax hike, issued a statement in which he said, “Thank you to The Woodlands Township for your public support for the 2019 CISD Bond.”

Hubert then listed a press release not from the Woodlands Township, the governing body of The Woodlands, but instead from the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a very small group of individuals with close ties and financial interests to the CISD. In fact, the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors includes CISD Superintendent Curtis Null, CISD Facilities Planning Committee member Gil Staley, and CISD Facilities Planning Committee member JJ Hollie. The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce Board also includes several CISD vendors as well as a number of individuals who do not reside in The Woodlands or Montgomery County at all.

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors declined to take action to support the 2019 CISD Bond. Hubert specifically knew that, because he was sitting in the Township Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2019, when the Board explicitly declined to take that action, after Null and CISD Board President Datren Williams specifically asked the Board to declare support for the 2019 CISD Bond.

Hubert’s actions are part of a continuing pattern of lies. When citizens catch the CISD’s lies about the $807 million bond package, Null, Hubert, and others make up new lies to cover their previous lies.

Here are two examples of the pattern both examples of which are major issues involving the $807 million tax hike.

Big Lie Example #1: Lying about the demographic study showing a need to build new schools in CISD

First, in a September 28, 2018, video-recorded interview, CISD Trustee Skeeter Hubert, who was running for re-election to the Board of Trustees at the time, explained how CISD determined when it would be appropriate to construct new schools. “We don’t schedule planning a new building or even rezoning until that capacity is 120%,” Hubert explained. (You can watch the full Skeeter Hubert interview video at

Conroe ISD Trustee Skeeter Hubert in his September 28, 2018, videotaped interview.

The problem, however, for CISD is that the current demographic study shows that CISD’s student enrollment won’t reach 120% of capacity of the current schools until 2028, meaning that there is no justification whatsoever for building any more schools under the bloated $807 million bond proposal.

Therefore, CISD and Hubert had to manufacture a new lie to cover up Null’s and CISD’s lie that demographics and projected student enrollment are the justification for CISD’s $807 million bond package. The new lie, according to Hubert, is that CISD and Null decided that they would reduce plans when to build new schools to the point in time when enrollment reached 110% of capacity!

Sadly for Hubert and CISD, however, the new lie doesn’t work too well for them either, because the current demographic study reveals that CISD’s student enrollment won’t reach 110% of capacity of the current schools until 2028 as well.


Big Lie Example #2: Lying about the number $21,562.50 and cost estimates

Perhaps the biggest lie of all came during the Woodlands Township Board of Directors meeting when CISD and its Superintendent, Null, knew they have a serious problem. For the entirety of the $807 million in the bond package, Null and CISD have admitted – now repeatedly – that they have never obtained any cost estimates, takeoffs, bids, proposals, or quotes for any of the individual expenditures making up the 50 pages of line item costs in the bond package. They plucked each and every one of those numbers out of the air.

As this newspaper has previously identified, however, CISD has used one number, $21,562.50, 117 times within the cost estimates, a clear indicia of the fraudulent nature of those cost estimates.

Null tried to explain away the odd recurring number, $21,562.50, during his presentation to the Township Board in response to a clearly-staged question from CISD’s former Board of Trustees member Ann Snyder. As this newspaper will report tonight at midnight, however, Null’s explanation – a lie – actually makes the CISD’s $807 million bond package justification look a lot worse.


At 2:59 p.m., Hubert posted the following comment on social media: “I made a mistake. I had The Woodlands Township on my mind when I saw The Woodlands Chamber publicly support the bond. It was an honest mistake. As soon as someone contacted me this morning about my post, I instantly made the correction.
Had you contacted me privately, as you have in the past, to ask me about my post, I would have taken ridicule for the mistake and fixed my post.
To characterize me as a liar is inaccurate and I ask that you please make this correction.”



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