BREAKING NEWS: Ann Carr, former County Judge’s Chief of Staff, recounts Davenport threats against her, Judge Sadler


Conroe, February 18 – Former County Judge’s Chief of Staff Ann Carr has broken her silence about corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport. This morning Carr recounted facts that occurred when Davenport sought to control former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler. Davenport also threatened Carr over Davenport’s attempt with Judge Sadler as well as the 2014 campaign.

The following is Carr’s full statement, which she posted on Facebook earlier today in response to The Golden Hammer‘s story, “Despite Knowledge Of Davenport’s ‘Questionable Past’ For Many Years, Metts, Sidekick Attempted To Recruit Commissioner Clark Into Davenport Ring: Why Voters Should Get Rid Of The Davenport Ring, Part 4.”

Former Montgomery County Judge Chief of Staff Ann Carr’s statement:

“Commissioner Clark describes Davenport’s modus operandi accurately. I think the year was 2007/08 when he came to Judge Sadler’s office wanting an appointment. Judge Sadler did not want to meet with him and instructed me to find out what he wanted. I met briefly with him and when he said it was about the campaign, I told him the judge would have to speak with him about that. No appointment was made nor did Judge Sadler speak with him, (to my knowledge).

“The 2014 campaign for County Judge was Craig Doyal, Mark Bosma and Doris Goleman, I was helping Craig Doyal as a volunteer. Wayne Mack was running for JP #1 and Davenport was his consultant. His campaign posted a picture of signs on a property that I knew very well. The signs were for Wayne Mack and Mark Bosma. I called the land owner and asked if he was supporting Mark Bosma and he said no and he had not given him permission to put the sign there but that Wayne had his full support and I agreed with him that I supported Wayne as well. Having known Wayne Mack for many years I knew that he was an honorable man that was running his own race and wouldn’t want to appear to be connected to a candidate running for county judge. I called Wayne, we discussed the sign placement and he knew nothing about it. We had a respectful conversation and the issue was over….to my thinking.

“A short time later Marc Davenport called me and proceeded to call me a liar and said I needed to produce the picture (which had by the time he called me had been deleted). He tried to intimidate me and his whole demeanor was that of a controlling person. His intention was to make certain that Wayne Mack did not listen to me. His instruction to me was that if I wanted to talk about this campaign, I was to speak only with him. A few more things happened, which are not worthy of mentioning, but these are two of the personal first hand encounters I experienced with Marc Davenport.”

There are two very similar instances with Davenport that this newspaper has previously reported. First, The Golden Hammer reported on June 2, 2017, that Davenport will not permit members of the news media to speak with members of the Davenport Ring – Sheriff Rand Henderson, Constable Rowdy Hayden, JP James Metts, JP candidate Jason Dunn, JP Wayne Mack, and County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport – unless they speak with Davenport first. Please see “Should Citizens Tolerate A PR Guy Blocking Communications With Elected Officials? (The Davenports, Part 3),” The Golden Hammer, June 2, 2017.

Second, of course, please see the story from Friday, February 16, 2018, “Sexual Abuse Allegations Raise Question Who Is Marc Davenport: Why Voters Should Get Rid Of The Davenport Ring, Part 3?” where Davenport’s stepdaughter discussed the same issues.



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