Bouche, Yollick lambaste democrats who call for restrictions on Free Political Speech during elections during Woodlands Township Board meeting

Bouche, Yollick lambaste democrats who call for restrictions on Free Political Speech during elections during Woodlands Township Board meeting

Image: Candidate for Republican Party Chairman Jon Bouche lambasted democrats for their calls for restrictions on Free Political Speech during elections in a citizen comment at the Woodlands Township Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, November 21 – As democrats find more and more that their message to voters has no appeal whatsoever, they’re resorting to efforts to stop civil discourse and Free Political Speech by anyone who dares oppose their point of view. So were the events at the Woodlands Township Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, when ultraliberal democrat Rashmi Gupta attempted to convince the Board to take actions to restrict Free Political Speech, because she is upset that conservative activists caught her doing dirty tricks “red handed.”

Jon Bouche, the beloved Republican Precinct Chairman who is running for Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman in the March 3, Republican Primary Election, didn’t give an inch to the democrats’ tricks. “At this year’s Early Voting at the South Montgomery County Community Center, I saw a different level of campaign unfairness [from the democrats]. I saw a lot of this cry bully stuff at the polls. I want you to know that I will stand against calls to squelch Free Speech,” Bouche adamantly told the Township Board.

“I want you to know that I will stand against calls to squelch Free Speech.” – – Jon Bouche, Candidate for Republican Party Chairman, speaking on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Earlier in the meeting, Eric Yollick, former Publisher of The Golden Hammer, made the following comment:

“I want to talk to you about a group of people who believe they always know how to do everything better than we do. They’re called ‘democrats.’

“The democrats claim they know how to spend our money better than we do, so they take our money away by taxes. The democrats claim they know how to decide what the law is better than juries of peers, so they elect and appoint judges who legislate the law from the bench. The democrats claim they know how to teach morality to children better than parents do, so they argue, as they did last night at the Conroe Independent School District, that schools should teach morality rather than leaving that to families.

“Now, the democrats are going to argue that we should not have the right to engage in civil discourse. They tried to cut off our political messages by moving, hiding, and stealing political signs during the Early Voting. When they got caught, and I took action to remove the democrats’ signs placed illegally in violation of Texas Election Code Chapter 255, they cried ‘foul’ and called the police, who told them that I had committed no crime at all. But they’re going to tell you, members of the Board of the Woodlands Township, that you should restrict Free Speech somehow. You shouldn’t.”

The democrats centered their presentation around the remarks of Rashmi Gupta, the unhappy losing candidate who only received 29% of the vote in the Position 5 Woodlands Township Board election in which the stellar Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, M.D., handily won. Gupta tried to blame the “tea parties” for her electoral loss and then blamed six of the seven Board members for their affiliation of the Texas Patriots PAC and the Montgomery County Tea Party, both highly-respected organizations within the community.

Gupta’s presentation, which included photographs and video footage completely backfired on her and the other democrats who attended the Township Board meeting. Rather than showing any sort of wrongdoing by her favorite targets, Bouche, Yollick, Kelli Cook, John Hill Wertz, The Golden Hammer, and the two main Tea Party organizations, Gupta’s photographs and video footage revealed that she and her liberal allies had, in fact, covered up signs of conservative political groups and signs during the November 5 Election.

Gupta criticized everyone but herself: “We got no help from the Commissioner, Election Judge, or Law Enforcement…Law enforcement says no crime was committed.” Nonetheless, Gupta wanted the Township Board to stop conservatives from campaigning at the polls.

One of Gupta’s ultraliberal supporters claimed he is a constitutional history scholar but then stated, “Going to vote is not the place for vigorous political debate.” (243 years of decision of the United States Supreme Court would beg to differ; that, in fact, areas near voting locations are the places where vigorous political debate must receive the greatest protection of all from government interference with Free Speech. That same Gupta support is the individual who admitted he was not proud of his conduct in getting into a nose-to-nose argument with a conservative activist peacefully placing political signs at the South County Community Center when the supposed constitutional scholar initiated the verbal altercation.

Gupta had tried to argue that racism somehow had something to do with conservative activism, but she has never indicated the source of alleged racist comments she had tried to claim she had suffered to two Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies who responded to Gupta’s 9-1-1 call at the Early Voting location on Tuesday, October 30. Gupta claimed that someone referred to her as a “Muslim terrorist.” While it is unknown whether Gupta has ties to terrorist organizations, Gupta is apparently a member of the Hindu faith.

Soon after Gupta spoke, her campaign manager, Jennifer Baca, admitted, “We could take unfair actions, if we wanted. It certainly isn’t that we’re not capable of them.” Baca then explained that her own terrible behavior in disrupting conversations and interviews at the South Montgomery County Community Center polling location was because “I couldn’t control myself, because I’m passionate.”

Renowned certified public accountant Laura Norton then rose to explain to the Board, “Eric Yollick…is no racist,” which Norton knew from her political dealings with the conservative activist when Yollick served on the Montgomery County Hospital District Board and ran against Norton when he ran for re-election (and won) in 2004.




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