Bouche announces candidacy for Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman before large conservative crowd

Bouche announces candidacy for Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman before large conservative crowd

Image: Jon Bouche, the popular and highly-respected conservative Republican leader and activist, announced his candidacy for County Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party on Monday, September 2, 2019, at the regular meeting of the Montgomery County Tea Party.

Conroe, September 3 – Reprising the Beatles’ song “Come Together,” renowned entertainer and businessman Jon Bouche has announced that he is running for County Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party in the March 3, 2020, Republican Primary Election. The theme of Bouche’s campaign is “Come Together To Keep Our County Red.”

Bouche will challenge 56-year incumbent Wally Wilkerson, who is 90 years old. On October 2, 2018, the Republican Party of Texas’ Officials Committee determined Wilkerson failed to fulfill statutory duties as County Republican Chairman and “engaged in behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party.” The ruling came after a majority of the elected Republican Precinct Chairs in Montgomery County filed a complaint under Republican Party Rule 8(k) that Wilkerson had refused to abide by Texas election law, Republican Party Rules, and the Bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

The 8(k) ruling against Wilkerson was the first time in the history of the Republican Party of Texas that the State Party has found that a County Republican Chairman “engaged in behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party” and failed to fulfill statutory duties under the Texas Election Code.

Bouche told The Golden Hammer, “I intend only to run a very positive campaign. I want voters to see how much fun it can be to vote and campaign as a Republican. That’s what the primary job duty is of the Republican County Chairman.”

In his announcement speech last night, Bouche said, “It’s time for us to come together as a Party. In 2018, under the leadership of Reagan Reed, we began to modernize and organize…The Montgomery County Republican Party finally awakened and answered the call to battle. But in order for us to prevail, we need leaders who are energetic, bold, and forward thinking…We also need to be an ethical and moral Party. Winning is important, but we need to win the right way.”

Bouche later explained, “JD Lambright, our fallen County Attorney, is a big part of the reason I’m standing here tonight. He and I become friends very quickly…We talked about ethics in our County government. I recall one time we sat at Red Brick Tavern having lunch. He said we need more people in government who are doing the right things.”

The candidate said further, “It’s my intention to continue to bring this Party together…We’ve always been focused on uniting the Party. The new Bylaws were necessary as a result of a divided Party.”

Bouche said his goals as County Chairman would be:

  • To unify Republicans around the Republican Party’s principles;
  • To recruit and support strong Republican candidates in their run for public office;
  • To hold elected Republicans in public office accountable;
  • To use current technology in Republican campaigns and train volunteers to use the technology effectively; and
  • To “stump” for freedom.

Bouche grew up in Terrytown, Louisiana. He is a graduate of River Oaks Academy. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science from Sam Houston State University.

Bouche is a renowned leader of a music group, Johnny and the Spinsations, for which he is the lead singer. He also works as a realtor and insurance agent.

Bouche is the Republican Precinct Chairman of Voting Precinct 35 in the City of Oak Ridge North. He is an elected member of the Steering Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party and often acts as the spokesman for that group. Bouche was the Founding Chairman of the Lone Star Christian Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the Board of the Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC and served as Chairman of its Citizens Budget Committee.

On November 6, 2018, the citizens of Commissioner Precinct 3 elected Bouche to the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District. Bouche has been a reliable conservative vote on that Board.

He and his wife live in Oak Ridge North.

Jon Bouche’s candidate card, front side.
Jon Bouche’s candidate card, back side.




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