Book review: noted author Parker’s book “Conservative Essays for the Modern Era” a must read

Gregory Parker of Conroe. Parker was a two-term Comal County Commissioner, among numerous other feats.

Conroe, June 9 – The literary world has waited long enough for brilliant conservative author Gregory Parker’s second book, Conservative Essays for the Modern Era. While the wait was tough, it was well worth it, for this book, available through, in advance purchases, is a masterpiece.

Parker’s latest work is a group of outstanding and easy-to-read essays which the former two-term Comal County Commissioner wrote to his son. Parker explores several political and social issues. The most fascinating and novel chapters are essays he wrote on gun control and democratic socialism. Parker, who is African-American, discussed how gun control laws often discriminate against African-Americans and other minorities, especially in those jurisdictions where sellers have discretion in approving gun sales. Parker’s essay on democratic socialism is also excellent. People living in the modern United States don’t always realize where the practical reality of our governments – federal, state, and local – actually fit in the philosophical and ideological spectrum.

Parker discusses those issues and others in a very conversational style packed with facts, humor, and suggestions for further research and reading.

Gregory Parker was a Republican County Commissioner in the New Braunfels area. He often sparred with democrat colleagues and has always attempted to stand by his ideology. In 2012, Parker gave up his seat on the Commissioners Court to run statewide for the Texas Railroad Commission but lost despite local Tea Party support. Parker actually carried Montgomery County in the 2012 Republican Primary Election

Parker’s first book, Global Warming…Really, is also an excellent read. Parker confronts the junk science behind those who try to argue that man can do something about climate change, which is actually an event of geologic magnitude that the Earth goes through in a cyclical pattern.

Parker lives in Conroe with his wife. He works part-time as an information technology consultant when he’s not busy writing.

The Golden Hammer strongly recommends Conservative Essays for the Modern Era, a fun summer reading project to keep you awake late at night or to take your mind off of all the fun going on at the beach.



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