Blairs to auction their “Blair House” April 8, 14 County employees (“The Blair House Fourteen”) can afford the mortgage

Blairs to auction their “Blair House” April 8, 14 County employees  (“The Blair House Fourteen”) can afford the mortgage

Image: The “library” in the Blair House set for auction with furnishings and art included on April 8. Couldn’t you imagine Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley conferring in those pink chairs about the $100 million they intend to spend on 3.6 miles of Tx-249 road with their pal Jerry Don the Ice Man standing with his arm resting on the fireplace?

The Woodlands, March 22 – Nelda Luce Blair and Jim Blair will auction their Woodlands house, which they named the “Blair House,” on April 8, 2017, at 11 a.m. with a minimum bid of $2 million for the property which previously they had listed for $6.1 million.

The house has its own website and Facebook page, although it’s unclear whether those appendages go with the property upon its sale. They describe the home as follows: “Jim and Nelda Blair purchased a three-story home spanning over 11,000 square feet in Grogan’s Point ten years ago with event hosting in mind. They have hosted over 250 events, from 400 person parties, to music videos, photo shoots and commercials.” The Blairs describe their home as “legendary.”

The real estate listing for the home, located at 205 Grogans Point Road, The Woodlands, Texas 77380, states that it includes 5 bedrooms, 7.75 bathrooms, entry fountain, numerous ceiling murals, kitchen with some commercial grade equipment, master bedroom in brand new almost unused condition, and a massive backyard pool, as well as extensive landscaping on the 5-acres of grounds. The home listing states that it also has a luxurious “master retreat with giant bath and 2 large walk-in closets, 2-story one-of-a-kind library, exercise room, second master suite upstairs, game room, media room on third floor, elevator, three stairways, guest house, and spa.

Platinum Luxury Auctions will be auctioning off the home on April 8, at 11 a.m. They have noted that “Blair has held many political gatherings and society events on her estate, hosting Texas politicians like Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and Congressman Kevin Brady as well as former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.”

Wouldn’t this home be perfect for one of our Montgomery County officials…or, perhaps, for all of them?

Since the minimum price is $2,000,000 and most mortgage companies would require a ten percent (10%) downpayment, someone would need a $1,800,000 mortgage. Assuming a 30-year mortgage at prevailing interests rates, current massive property taxes, and the cost of home insurance, The Golden Hammer has calculated that the likely monthly mortgage, insurance, and tax payments would be approximately $12,500.

Annualized, the payments on the Blair House would likely be $150,000 per year, the salary of the Governor of the State of Texas as well as the Attorney General of Texas.Therefore, the diligent reader probably wonders which Montgomery County officials could possibly afford this property? It turns out that at least fourteen (14) of them receive sufficient salaries from your tax dollars that would enable them to purchase the Blair House.

Who are the “Blair House” Fourteen County employees with salaries (not including the massive County benefits as well) in excess of the salaries of the Texas Governor and the Attorney General?

Jerry Don “Ice Man” Lambright, County Attorney                 Salary: $196,164.57

Kathryn Pineri, M.D., Forensics Director, Sheriff’s Office        Salary: $272,949.79

Dennis Watson, Judge, County Court at Law #1                   Salary: $174,399.13

Claudia Laird, Judge, County Court at Law #2                     Salary: $174,399.13

Patrice McDonald, Judge, County Court at Law #3               Salary: $174,399.13

Mary Ann Turner, Judge, County Court at Law #4                Salary: $174,399.13

Keith Stewart, Judge, County Court at Law #5                     Salary: $174,399.13

Craig Doyal, County Judge                                               Salary: $169,587.72

Mike Meador, Precinct 1 Commissioner                              Salary: $168,807.46

Charlie Riley, Precinct 2 Commissioner                              Salary: $168,807.46

James Noack, Precinct 3 Commissioner                               Salary: $168,807.46

Jim Clark, Precinct 4 Commissioner                                   Salary: $168,807.46

Rand Henderson, Sheriff                                                    Salary: $166,277.48

Mark Mooney, County Engineer                                        Salary: $162,064.26.

Of course, several of the Blair House Fourteen have family members who work for the County as well in order to supplement their family intake. Judge Doyal also receives $5,000.00 per year to serve on the Juvenile Board.

If the foregoing individuals choose not to purchase the Blair House, perhaps Judge Doyal could purchase it as a County building that could serve as a sort of Camp David Retreat for the members of the Commissioners Court. Just think of all the family members Doyal, Riley, and Meador could employ in the Building Maintenance Department to take care of that place?!



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