Bill O’Sullivan “The Sage” offers encouragement

Sage Bill O’Sullivan addressed the Commissioners Court on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Bill O’Sullivan, Guest Editorialist

In 2012, President Obama was reelected. People were clawing at their eyes figuratively because they did not want to see another four years of him.

At that time, I drew upon two people, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. Those two former SEALs went to the roof of the US Embassy Annex in Benghazi and bought time for the rest to escape. I advised those distraught at the time that I was “Saddling Up”, getting my ladder and stated that there were a lot of rooftops and a lot of fights to come in order to pay the price for inevitable success. In 2016, though I supported Ted Cruz, we had Donald Trump as our nominee, I became a “Never Hillary” advocate. The results of that advocacy is named Neil Gorsuch and he is becoming very important, even critical, in the Supreme Court.

Our own Texas History is buoyed by the annihilation at a Mission in San Antonio just over 182 years ago. Defeats can become rallying points to future success. What we learned about “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) for future races is not measureable, though enormous.

Last night was less a defeat than a pause in the long march of getting our fiscal house in order.  We started 2018 down four to one and are now down three to two with one of those three under indictment and subject to removal if reelected. A second race we lost last night was to a known “Sexual Harasser” with a judgement against him and already apparently currently co-habiting with a “Direct Report”. If that goes sour, the first $45,000 judgment the County had to pay will seem like “chump change” because of the prior knowledge and no steps taken to end the practice.

We also won a very important Congressional nomination. We dropped 55,000 pieces of mail at the Critical Moment in the Primary to get Dan Crenshaw to the runoff. Dan personally attributed that mailing with him getting there. Last night he got over 70% of the vote to win the Runoff easily.  He is expected to win the +9 Republican seat in November. As an Open Seat, he will have plenty of Resources and won’t need us. However, at the critical point, we were the “Thumb on the Scale” that led to victory.

If you’re discouraged today, take heart, dig in and effect future races. There are lots of ladders and lots of roofs ahead for all of us. Each one of us is a “Thumb on the Scale”. We make a difference.



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