Big spending Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner Meador proudly fleeces taxpayers with tollroads, wants everyone to know it

Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner Mike Meador, March 27, 2018.

Conroe, August 15 – Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner Mike Meador is a big spender who doesn’t believe taxpayers should keep much of their money, and he wants to make sure everyone knows that. Meador insisted upon a bizarre switch in the minutes of a special Commissioners Court meeting on June 11, 2019, so that Meador could reflect he opposed removing tolls from the State Highway 242 flyovers, even though County taxpayers had already paid all of the debt on those tollroads.

On Friday, August 9, 2019, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough and his Chief of Staff Jason Millsaps posted the Commissioners Court agenda for the upcoming August 13 meeting. The agenda included a proposed set of minutes from a June 11 meeting when the Commissioners Court, under Keough’s leadership, voted to remove the flyover tolls from SH 242, because the County had paid off all of the bonded indebtedness more than one year previously.

The minutes of the June 11 meeting properly reflected the vote on removing the tolls from the 242 flyovers. If one remembers what actually happened at the meeting, or watches the video, it’s pretty clear that the vote was unanimous in favor of removing the tolls.

By that time, it had become clear there was no financial reason to keep the flyover tolls in place. Now, of course, Meador has always espoused the idea of keeping tolls on tollroads even long after the taxpayers had paid the construction debt off, because Meador wants government to have as much of the citizens’ money as possible.

Nevertheless, Montgomery County Attorney B.D. Griffin’s team drafted the proposed minutes for the approval of the Commissioners Court to reflect what actually happened at the Commissioners Court meeting. Those draft minutes appear directly below and reflect the unanimous vote of the Commissioners Court to remove the flyover tolls, after Judge Keough had convinced them all to vote that way.

Original version of minutes of June 11, 2019, special tollroad meeting of Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

Over this past weekend, however, it came to Meador’s attention what the draft minutes showed: that Meador voted to remove a toll from a tollroad for which the debt was entirely paid. Meador, of course, objected to that poor reflection on him. He would never want anyone to believe he acted with any sort of fiscal frugality.

Meador contacted Judge Keough’s staff over the weekend and made clear that he insisted he wanted the minutes to reflect that he had voted against removing the flyover tolls. The County Judge’s staff re-drafted the minutes, which the County Attorney’s Office had provided, to show that Meador voters against removing the tolls, even though the truth was he had voted in favor removal of the tolls two month previously.

Revised minutes of June 11, 2019, special tollroad meeting of Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

Mike Meador doesn’t just want to vote as a liberal for more government spending. He wants to be sure everyone knows how terribly he votes.



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