Beasley confirms he’s considering run for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, to replace retiring Judge Edie Connelly

The Woodlands, October 16 – Matthew Beasley, the Operations Manager for Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack since Noack took office in January, 2013, has confirmed that he is seriously contemplating running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct, 3, to replace the retiring Judge Edie Connelly, who has been a community mainstay in south Montgomery County for almost three decades. The ever popular Beasley would become an instant frontrunner in the race for the position from which Connelly became involved in numerous community organizations, schools, and Teen Court programs.

Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Edie Connelly.

Judge Edie Connelly’s remarkable success as a Justice of the Peace

Connelly, who served as a Deputy Sheriff in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office from 1977 prior to her 1986 election as a Republican candidate for Justice of the Peace, has handled the challenging position with utter excellence. It’s been a challenge because the growth of The Woodlands and all of Precinct 3 has made her Justice Court one of the busiest in the United States. Connelly has always treated people with dignity and respect in her Courtroom. As a judge hearing criminal misdemeanors, asset forfeitures, animal control matters, juvenile cases, and small claims lawsuits, Connelly has heard and seen it all.

Connelly’s efficiency and financial management of her Court has led the courts of Montgomery County easily and has made her one of the most successful Justices of the Peace in the entire State of Texas.

Source: Montgomery County government.

One of the reasons Connelly’s JP court is so much more efficient financially than all four of the other JP courts in Montgomery County is because she has refused to succumb to pressure from local political boss Marc Davenport and Precinct 4 JP James Metts to utilize the GravesHumphries collection system and the associated NetData database system. Connelly has felt that the NetData database, which manages information about court cases before each court, raises due process and fairness concerns, because litigants and the public have only very limited access to court files. To the contrary, Connelly’s court files are available to the public online through the Montgomery County website, just as all court files in the County’s District Court and County Courts at Law. Furthermore, by utilizing the County’s in-house Collections Department, Connelly has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and had far greater success in collection of fees and fines than any of the other four JPs all of whom have succumbed to the Davenport-Metts pressure to use the GravesHumphries/NetData systems.

As the data reveals above, Connelly alone hears and disposes of approximately 40% of Montgomery County’s Justice of the Peace docket. Her case disposal rate is more than twice the rate of the next two busiest JP courts (Mack and Metts) while her budget is more than $700,000 less than the budget of those two courts.


Beasley has done a stellar job as Noack’s Operations Manager, a position which puts Beasley in charge of Noack’s road and bridge operations. Just walking through the Commissioner Precinct 3 road and bridge operation is a striking experience. Even though Beasley manages heavy equipment, large trucks, and a large crew of County workers, the entire office and grounds is so clean someone could eat off the floor (if they were so inclined). Beasley and Noack are well known in south Montgomery County for their lightning response to road and bridge maintenance issues when they arise.

Beasley with his family at Thanksgiving, 2016, before the birth of their third son.

Beasley graduated from The Woodlands High School. He then studied Criminal Justice at Tarleton State University in Stephenville. Beasley graduated from police academy and worked as a Harris County Deputy Sheriff. His roots have been in Montgomery County for two decades.

What’s actually quite remarkable about Beasley is how similar his background is to that of Judge Connelly.

Beasley is married to his wife Kelli Schmidt Beasley, a schoolteacher. They have three children.

Beasley in conference with his top political advisors. He and Kelli have three sons.

Upon hearing that his Operations Manager, Beasley, might run for the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace position, Commissioner Noack said, “Matt Beasley is the type of man that will excel at any endeavor. I’m not surprised, at all, that the community is looking to him to fill this need.” Shenandoach City Councilman Byron Bevers added, “Matt Beasley will make an excellent Justice of the Peace.”

Grime County Assistant District Attorney Ronnie Yeates, II, and Precinct 3 Deputy Constable Dan Zientek have announced that they’re running to fill Connelly’s position.



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