Avoid the Icebergs Pretending to be “Rising Tides”

This community needs to recognize that the citizens must become very, very active and vigilant towards our elected officials and other leaders. County government spending has grown to massive proportions since 2000. During the last couple of years, the growth in Montgomery County spending is so out of control that it’s apparent that even our County Judge and County Commissioners don’t understand it. Overspending, inefficiency, unfair employment practices, inconsistent management, secrecy, downright hiding of information, outright deceit, game-playing with the Consent Agenda, stealing of funds from our road and bridge funds to use on all sorts of perks and side-benefits, bullying of County employees who attempt to help the public, conflicts of interest, improper financial methods, conduct that sure seems like bribery to this writer, and nepotism abound inside the operations of the Montgomery County government.

The County Judge acts like a bully towards citizens and employees. His Chief of Staff is far worse. Some of the County Commissioners refuse to return telephone calls and won’t communicate with their constituents hardly at all.

That can change at the hands and actions of the citizens. It doesn’t take an election. Quite frankly, we can’t wait until January 1, 2019, to make drastic changes in our County government.

But we must be honest with ourselves. The discussion about these matters has begun to increase and accelerate. There are some great conversations occurring in our community, and they’re rarely in the Commissioners Courtroom because Doyal, Meador, and company have perfected the art of shutting citizens up while allowing their paid political vendors to drone on and on in the form of flattery. Of course, Judge Doyal doesn’t want citizens to speak more than 3 minutes. They don’t flatter him. Of course, he does want Alan Clark, engineers, outside attorneys, the County Attorney Lambright, and others to speak as long as possible, because they flatter endlessly. District Attorney Brett Ligon is a problem for the Commissioners Court. He makes them nervous, because they must accord him with respect (“it’s better to be feared than loved,” said Machiavelli), but he’s a citizen with a strong pro-citizen orientation.

What’s wrong with some of our honesty? As citizens, we must discern the real from the fake, and the conflicted from pure. Just a few days ago on Facebook, a gentleman who seems to post about conservative topics regularly, told the cyberworld the following: “Craig Doyal is a great leader. His wise words need to be read and absorbed…I look forward to him working with adjacent counties such as Harris County and moving projects forward with [Harris County Commissioner] Jack Cagle to alleviate cross county congestion. Rising tides lift all ships.”

What wonderful and kind words about Doyal, comparing him to a “rising tide” that will lift us all. There’s a problem with the comment, however. The commenter has an issue or two. First, he lives in Tomball, in Harris County. He’s not a citizen of this community. Second, he’s a Vice President of a company called Jones & Carter, Inc., engineers who receive millions of dollars in Montgomery County contracts specifically for those “projects” that will benefit Harris County, Jack Cagle, and the profit margins of his engineering firm. Third, his firm has received several hundred thousand dollars of contracts from Doyal and cohorts just in the past few months! Fourth, as you might expect, he and his firm are major political contributors to Doyal in return for which they enjoy that wonderful vendor relationship.

That, my friends, is not someone acting as an honest broker. That’s someone who is trying to fool the public on Facebook that he supports “rising tides” when, in fact, he’s describing the GIANT ICEBERG known as fiscal irresponsibility, failed management, and crumbling roads and mobility by the name of County Judge Craig Doyal.



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