As Precinct 2 Commissioner Riley’s campaign craters, Riley and his supporters get ugly, show their feeling of entitlement

As Precinct 2 Commissioner Riley’s campaign craters, Riley and his supporters get ugly, show their feeling of entitlement

Image: The tatters of Charlie Riley’s campaign for re-election as Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner. The crater is even deeper than the potholes on Egypt Lane that Riley has failed to repair for four years.

Magnolia, May 3 –  On September 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton destroyed her own presidential campaign when she, at a gay-lesbian political event, referred to the supporters of Donald Trump as a “basket of deplorables.” (The Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, is in that basket.) Clinton’s comment received some momentary applause from her gay and lesbian supporters, but, more significantly, the comment fired up the supporters of the Trump campaign to turn out in the election. Donald Trump, now President Trump, received a surge of voter turnout, because Clinton charged up the citizens who didn’t support her left-wing style of politics.

Charlie Riley, the Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner, is a left-winger very much like Clinton. He has helped to engineer massive government spending increases, voted against a 20% homestead exemption in the Commissioners Court on February 14, 2017, led increases in property taxes as a member of the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District until December 31, 2017, and vociferously lobbied in the Texas Legislature in 2017 against statewide property tax reform. Riley is a left-wing, pro-government, liberal whose core supporters are financial beneficiaries of the County government. Riley and his supporters clearly object to any questioning, because they have a strong feeling of entitlement to the government benefits they’re receiving.

As a result, Gregory Parker, the former Comal County Commissioner and noted conservative author, poses a grave challenge to Riley in the May 22 Republican Runoff Election. Parker is a conservative and a Republican, while Riley is a liberal and a Republican-in-name-only. Parker is a military veteran with distinguished service, while Riley and his wife are former Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtors who stiffed most of the creditors of their failed truck stop business.

Parker has openly supported lower government spending and reduced property taxes. One of his first proposals was to reduce the salary of County Commissioners to the range of approximately $120,000 per year from the current stratospheric $168,000 per year Riley and his colleagues voted for themselves. Parker has also indicated that he supports term limits, because he doesn’t believe people should be career politicians.

Parker has made clear that he fights for the will of the people of Precinct 2, while Riley is fighting for the financial wellbeing of Halff Associates engineers, Jones & Carter engineers, and a bevy of state government bureaucrats cramming an unpopular tollroad down the throats of Montgomery County citizens.

Riley is under criminal indictment and criminal investigation for official misconduct in the form of alleged violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act. Parker is not under indictment nor is he under investigation.

The voters of Precinct 2 largely rejected Riley in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, but Riley got enough votes, 40%, to make the runoff. Runoffs tend to be exercises in voter turnout, so both Parker and Riley are working to get their supporters to the polls.

Since the criminally-indicted Riley and his campaign supporters are focused on a strong feeling of entitlement, issues important to the voters don’t matter to them. But Riley and his supporters view others as the enemy. That attitude of entitlement and opposition to people they view as outsiders has turned ugly in the past couple of weeks.

Riley’s and his supporters personal attacks on Parker’s supporters

On Sunday, April 29, 2018, one of Riley’s top supporters, Leslie Sullivan, who refers to herself as the “NoFilterRealtor” and maintains her social media pages as a proclaimed representative of REMAX Hometown in Magnolia, has begun to openly refer to conservative Republican Precinct Chair Ginger Russell as “B—h.” Sullivan has repeatedly published on social media comments about Russell, who has criticized Riley on numerous occasions.

Riley maintains a social media page which party planner Kristin Nichole runs for him. On that page, in addition to references to Russell as “B—h,” Riley and his supporters have referred to a supporter of Parker as the “antichrist.” It’s unclear how Riley or his supporters would know if anyone were the “antichrist,” which the New Testament has defined as someone “that denieth the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:23. Unless Riley and his supporters view Riley as a deity, a person’s support of or opposition to Riley would not seem to define someone as an “antichrist.”


Riley’s and his supporter’s elitism and sense of entitlement have come to the fore in a different manner as well: racism, since Parker is African-American.

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, one of Riley’s key supporters confronted a Parker supporter, “So you’re really gonna vote for a black guy?” Please see “Riley’s runoff racism runs rampant (and wife’s weak whitewash),” The Golden Hammer, April 28, 2018. When the Parker supporter asked her what Parker’s race has to do with the election, the Riley supporter answered, “Parker was kicked out of office, because he’s black” referring to Parker’s two-term tenure as a Comal County Commissioner where Parker chose not to run for re-election (because he believes in term limits for elected servants.)

Riley never apologized for the statement by someone who was in the midst of putting up signs for the Riley campaign at the time when she made the racist comments in front of a video camera. Parker issued a statement on Friday, April 27:

“It was brought to my attention that supporters of my opponent Charlie Riley have made racist statements on video about me to one of my campaign supporters. It was my hope that this election would not be about race, but about the issues. While I agree with Commissioner Riley and appreciate his acknowledgement that racial slurs have no place in this campaign, I must call his attention to the fact that this is not an isolated incident. There has been a pattern of attacks on me that have not only strained credulity but shown a very racially biased pattern. I appreciate Commissioner Riley agreeing with me that civility must be returned to this election, yet, I challenge him to continue to hold his supporters to that task.  This is and should be a campaign of ideas for Precinct Two and for our future.”

Riley’s lies about reducing Lake Conroe levels for flood mitigation

Besides high taxes, high government spending, and the total traffic gridlock Riley’s lack of performance as a County Commissioner have caused, other critical issues about which voters in Precinct 2 are acutely concerned are drainage control and flood mitigation.

On Saturday, April 28, Riley issued this statement, “I applaud the SJRA for proposing this measure to lower the lake levels during peak season. This was a suggestion I, also, gave in Commissioners Court in February and I think it will greatly benefit our community during hurricane seasons.” Riley’s statement is revisionist history since his campaign is in desperation mode. In actuality, Riley voted to keep the water levels of Lake Conroe as high as possible at all times at the February 27, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting.

County Judge Craig Doyal placed the agenda item before the Commissioners Court: “CONSIDER, DISCUSS AND TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION ON A RESOLUTION OPPOSING THE LOWERING OF THE LAKE CONROE LEVEL FOR FLOOD MITIGATION.” Riley supported the resolution rather than urging a reduction in lake levels during the peak season. The only member of the Commissioners Court who voted against the resolution was Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark whose Precinct received the most floodwaters during Tropical Storm Harvey.

Riley’s bizarre mobility positions

Riley has often mentioned that he supports the construction of additional west-east corridors in order to alleviate traffic congestion. But, in actuality, Riley has continued to support construction of the Woodlands Parkway Extension because it would be in the area where his real estate developer political contributors own land.

Riley has made clear that he supported the Woodlands Parkway Extension on the Regional Mobility Plan of the Houston-Galveston Area Council. At the same time, however, Riley last week opposed widening of Hardin Store Road, a west-east corridor that already exists and suffers from heavy traffic.

The greatest sign of desperation: Riley’s paying money to the family of liberal democrat convicted felons who are also supporting other liberal democrat candidates for Montgomery County office

Riley’s sole campaign advertising reflects the desperate circumstances of his campaign. Until Riley’s indictment by the Montgomery County Grand Jury in June, 2016, Riley was a member of the Davenport Ring, the group of corrupt local politicians who take their direction from political boss Marc Davenport. Riley formally left the Davenport Ring after the indictment to show some sort of legal separation from the political boss.

Davenport recruited a family of convicted felons in East Montgomery County to start a blog. Now, the two main advertisers on the convicted felons’ blog are Riley and the democrat running for Montgomery County Judge. The East County blog is clearly a liberal, pro-government-spending propaganda source. Therefore, Riley’s political philosophy fits very nicely with those people.

Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal enjoyed free food and free booze together on April 20, 2018, at a sparsely-attended event.



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