April the Giraffe on the verge of giving birth, with Oliver age difference scandal brewing

Image: A very pregnant April about to give birth. Boyfriend Oliver seen in the pen on the left.

Upstate New York, April 5 – April the Giraffe is on the verge of giving birth to her fourth beautiful child. Readers may watch April in action on the Animal Adventure Park’s Giraffe Cam, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClnQCgFa9lCBL-KXZMOoO9Q/live. Unquestionably, the live cam is a stand in favor of openness and transparency, despite the horrific judicial activism which Montgomery County, Texas, suffered at the hands of County Judge Craig Doyal and Commissioner Charlie Riley, who obtained a ruling that an important provision of the Texas Open Meetings Act is unconstitutional. Doyal and Riley are now known across Texas, and perhaps even the entire United States, as major foes of openness and transparency in government.

The baby giraffe will be her boyfriend Oliver’s first child. New Yorkers are concerned about the possibility of scandal erupting due to the age difference between April, age 15, and her beau, Oliver, who is 5.

The Golden Hammer wishes April, Oliver, and their baby the very best!



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