April Sound POA Board supporters heap nasty backlash on reform group trying to gain financial transparency, recall of 4 incumbents, law enforcement needs to step into the situation

April Sound resident and renowned local real estate appraiser Andrea Fahrenthold, who is a leading a reform insurgency against four of the incumbents on the April Sound Property Owners Association Board of Directors.


Montgomery, August 5 – Supporters of four incumbent April Sound Property Owners Association (“ASPOA”) board members have begun to heap a nasty backlash against a group of April Sound residents who are trying to bring financial transparency to the ASPOA and to recall four of the seven member board of directors. Eric Kopecky, the son of ASPOA Board President Johnny Kopecky, who lives in April Sound in a home which his father owns, posted several threatening messages against individuals who support the reform and recall effort early in the morning on Friday, August 4, 2017.

Around 2 a.m., on August 4, Eric Kopecky, who identifies himself as a “Member of April Sound Politics,” posted the following messages against Ron Fleming, another resident of April Sound, and Fleming’s family (including his 7-year-old daughter), after Fleming volunteered to assist in gathering the recall proxies:

  • “Ur so f—ed.”
  • “Going to f— your world. too bad you have a family you stupid f—. should have done your research b—-. F—ing b—-. F—ing your world tonight. Get your Bandito s— in line or get f—ed.
  • “Let’s meet. You call the place. I’m there p—y.
  • “And yes my brothers are coming. Bring yours b—-.
  • “On my way b—-.
  • “U f—ed with threw wrong fan. Bikers doubt take you’re p—y a–ed s–t.
  • “U are my new project. F—ing your world is my life now. Stupid f—. Should have thought of your fam.
  • “She’s so cute. Gotta friend that is looking forward to meeting her. So stupid of u. Ready to play?
  • “Let’s meet at backwoods. Should b fun.
  • “Ya stupid f—. I’m not the little spoied f— u thought.
  • “You are probably the stupidest f— I’ve ever met. So looking forward to this. LOL. Your s–t is all over the place. Watch this s–t! LOL Bubba. Just talked to a friend of yours that knows you SO well. He says you’re not so bad. U got it. See you this weekend.
  • “It’s a destination weekend. [ADDRESS] Keep the lights on for us.
  • “LOL. You’re such a p—y. Can’t believe you did that. Still coming to see you.”

Perhaps, the ASPOA Board has problems that run deeper than financial transactions, transparency, and neighborhood complaints. The threats are leveled both at Fleming and Fleming’s seven-year-old daughter.

Kopecky leveled similar threats against other April Sound residents throughout the day on Friday, August 4. One of those residents reportedly appeared at Kopecky’s home late Friday morning banging on the door with the nozzle of a revolver.

Concerned citizen Andrea Fahrenthold, an real estate appraiser and broker who lives in April Sound, is the leader of the reform effort. Fahrenthold explained to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, that Johnny Kopecky has been the ASPOA Board Chairman since 2007 and a board member since 2005. Fahrenthold and hundreds of her neighbors are seeking the recall, because, she explains, “they refuse to produce financial records, bank statements. We know they have at least 11 bank accounts and have refused to release the general ledger, even though Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code requires them to make that available to members of the Association.”

Fahrenthold made her initial request for the financial information in June, 2016. The ASPOA sued Fahrenthold and one other activist for defamation. 284th District Judge Cara Wood dismissed part of that lawsuit before the ASPOA Board chose voluntarily to dismiss all claims against Fahrenthold before she subpoenaed the very financial records at issue.

Fahrenthold explained that her reform group must obtain a minimum of ten percent of the property owners to sign the proxies or support the recall at a special meeting of the ASPOA. She hopes to force the special meeting to occur in October, 2017.

“Two board members, Steve Roberts and Ed Kelly, are friendly to our reform group,” said Fahrenthold. “We just want an ethical board and to be able to depend on the people who government April Sound, which is almost like a small town. The trust is broken with the current board.”

Obviously, law enforcement officials should get involved in this explosive situation. One of the April Sound residents whom Kopecky threatened has filed a police report against him. Neighbors should watch for unusual activity and report anything immediately to the Sheriff’s Department or Conroe Police Department by calling 9-1-1.



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