Anti-reform establishment bristles as Keough, Clark tell truth about their opponents in Montgomery County elections

Montgomery County Judge candidate Mark Keough. Keough currently serves as State Representative, District 15.

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Conroe and New Caney, February 24 – The anti-reform political establishment is bristling as State Representative Mark Keough, who is running for Montgomery County Judge, has informed voters – in a mailer – about the truth with respect to County Judge Craig Doyal, who, along with Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport, is under indictment for conspiracy to circumvent the open meetings provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act. At the same time, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, who faces an electoral challenge from Davenport Ring member James Metts, has informed voters in Precinct 4 about Metts’ terrible history of sexually harassing a County employee, Delonna Snow, by repeatedly asking her for sex and threatening her physically when she wouldn’t comply.

The Beaumont Court of Appeals reinstated the indictments against Doyal, Riley, and Davenport on February 7, 2018, after the trio had tried to claim that they have a constitutional right to conduct County business in secret and that they didn’t understand the Open Meetings Act because it’s too vague. The Court of Appeals rejected those specious arguments, after considering briefing from Special Prosecutor Chris Downey and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who has joined with the prosecution of Doyal, Riley, and Davenport. Doyal’s attorney Rusty Hardin, who wrote the briefs that lost in the appellate court, has indicated he hopes to appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

If convicted, Doyal and Riley would be removed automatically from office for “official misconduct.” That would leave Montgomery County citizens without officeholders in those positions and might even give the democrat who is running in the November general election the opportunity to face no Republican opposition, if certain circumstances were to occur.

The indictment should speak for itself:

THE GRAND JURY, for the County of Montgomery, State of Texas, duly selected, empaneled, sworn, charged, and organized as such by the 221st Judicial District Court for said County, upon their oaths present in and to said Court that Craig Doyal [and Charlie Riley and Marc Davenport] on or about August 11, 2015 and continuing through August 24, 2015, and before the presentment of this indictment, in the County and State aforesaid, did then and there as a member of a governmental body, to-wit: the Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court, knowingly conspire circumvent Title 5, Subtitle A Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code (herein after referred to as the Texas Open Meetings Act) by meeting in a number less than a quorum for the purpose of secret deliberations in violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act, to-wit: by engaging in verbal exchange concerning an issue within the jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, namely, the contents of the potential structure of a November 2015 Montgomery County Road Bond, Against the Peace and Dignity of the State.”

One elected official from the Magnolia area, who asked that The Golden Hammer not identify him by name, commented, “Mark Keough is a Pastor of a Bible Church. Would he present his campaign flyer critical of Doyal in his church?”

The obvious answer is “Yes.” In Matthew 21:13, the Scriptures tell, “And [Jesus] said unto them, ‘It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” That, of course, occurred in the temple of God. Matthew 21:12.

Nowhere in the Scriptures is there an admonishment not to speak the truth about corruption or wrongdoing. The lives of Jesus and Paul illustrate the opposite principle: man has a duty to speak the truth.

Similarly, some allies of embattled JP James Metts, reacted to Clark’s mailer about the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s official written findings that Metts sexually harassed Snow in his court office and then physically threatened her and ultimately terminated her for refusing to have sex with him. On March 25, 2014, the Montgomery County Commissioners Court approved a settlement paying Snow a substantial monetary settlement as a result of her lawsuit against the County for Metts’ misconduct.

Metts revealed no capacity for learning from his mistakes, as he’s now carrying on a sexual relationship with another Montgomery County government employee who is a direct-report to him as his Juvenile Court Coordinator. Clark noted that concern as well.

Apparently, the political establishment bristles at the truth, just as the moneychangers complained about the Lord in the Scriptures.



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