Anonymous city employee letter confirms political vendetta against Montgomery Police Chief Napolitano, who will fight for his job at a Montgomery City Council meeting Tuesday night

Anonymous city employee letter confirms political vendetta against Montgomery Police Chief Napolitano, who will fight for his job at a Montgomery City Council meeting Tuesday night

Publisher’s Note: The Golden Hammer received this letter from a city employee close to the individuals discussed therein. This newspaper confirmed the identity of the letter writer and confirmed the allegations made in the letter with two other sources inside of the Montgomery City government. Under these circumstances, very similar to those under which this newspaper published two major letters leading to significant reforms inside of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, this newspaper is willing to publish, especially in light of the high regard two of this Nation’s Founding Fathers, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, gave to anonymous political writers in The Federalist Papers.

The City Council is set to consider whether to terminate Police Chief Jim Napolitano, one of the most popular and highly-respected law enforcement officials in all of Montgomery County, on Tuesday night, September 11, 2018, at 6 p.m., at Montgomery City Hall, 101 Old Plantersville Road, Montgomery, Texas.

Good afternoon, Golden Hammer.

I am authoring this letter to the Golden Hammer so it possibly gets out about the railroading of the most professional Police Chief the City of Montgomery has ever had. Chief Jim Napolitano, who currently serves as the Chief of Montgomery Police Department is being thrown on the chopping block by the following City officials and even one of his own subordinate officers: the Mayor Sara Countryman, City Council Member Rebecca Huss, City Administrator Jack Yates and Officer Tim Bauer.
Where to start I guess would be explaining Yates and Bauer. Their relationship as friends began with Bauer becoming the code enforcement officer also known around the town as “Jack’s minion with the citizens.” City Administrator Yates would through harrassment have Bauer enforce certain City codes for certain people while others would not be harassed due to their social status in the City. Through this friendship blossomed the relationship that will come to light later in this letter.
Bauer also became close friends with City Council member Huss through his relationship with Yates, as Yates and Huss are neighbors in the City. Now to explain Mayor Countryman in all of this. The ink was not even dry on the paper from Countryman being sworn in as Mayor, when Bauer was knocking on her door to become close with her using his relationship with Yates and Huss, since Huss and Countrymen campaigned together in the past City election and are friends.
Bauer always has used his relationship with Huss and Yates to feel as he was above the policy and procedures the Police Department had in place. He would always go around the command straight to Yates by passing the chain of command. Well, now let’s get into the meat and potatoes.
In recent events, Bauer took over the position of warrant officer for the City Court. Once Bauer took over this position, he decided to make his own schedule which was supposed to be Monday through Friday with 8 hour work-days. Instead, he changed his own work hours to Monday through Thursday coming into work around 10 and leaving around 3 every day. But Bauer was putting in records that he was working all 40 hours each week. Well the position of warrant officer was eventually done away with due to his not clearing the court warrants.
At that time, there was one Police Officer that went out with a life-threatening illness. While that Officer was off-duty, Bauer took over his duties on patrol. Once the officer was well enough to return to work, on the sick officer’s first day back, Bauer was told by Chief Napolitano to stay on patrol with the Officer and help him as well as make sure he was 100%. Bauer threw a temper tantrum and walked out on the City and his coworker. When it came time to discipline Bauer, the Chief’s hands were tied by City Administrator Yates because of the friendship between Yates and Officer Bauer. The Chief did place Bauer back on duty as a Patrol Officer on night shift. This made Bauer extremely upset, because he did not want nightshift.
Now we have the tone set, so here we go.
Bauer has now got a vendetta against Chief Napolitano. Since Bauer is unhappy and upset, he is using his political relationships with Yates and Huss, as well as his new relationship, with Mayor Countryman to attack the Chief. On his what have been called “coffee meetings,” while on duty at all hours of the evening, with the Mayor at her residence, a lot of times when her husband is not at home, Bauer is going around the Chief and feeding partial information to Mayor Countryman. Bauer is also feeding the same information to Huss and Yates in retaliation.
It is no secret that Huss, being a transplant from California, is against the Police Department and is actually for getting rid of the Department altogether. She also has an open dislike for the Chief, because he does not cater to her beg and call as Huss sees fit. City Administrator Yates’ opinion is that he should have control of the Police Department and to this day ties the Chief’s hands on all Department operations. One example is that Yates cut the Police Department’s operating budget by a huge amount. As a result of the Yates budget cuts in the Police Department, no raises or new positions can be offered in the growing Montgomery community.
The four of these individuals – Officer Bauer, City Administrator Yates, Councilwoman Huss, and Mayor Countryman – have teamed up to get rid of the Chief and attack him. The citizens of Montgomery are tired of these City officials doing as they please to suit themselves. Please, Golden Hammer, let this information get out. We as a community do not want to lose this Chief.



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